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Rediscovering Passion

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The biggest challenge in life is living the life happily. For some or the other reasons, we get demotivated and start living a miserable life. Some even have to give up dreams or lose the passion for the sake of temporary happiness. But will that suffice?

You can give so many reasons – call it as Lack of Inspiration or whatever, but the fact is we lost it for the sake of temporary happiness. No one to complaint.

It so happened to me as well. I miss the joy of writing a poem in this mechanical world. I have so many reasons to support it, but the real fact is “I”

This month on a not so good day, I sat by the windowpane staring out the window. The sky suddenly turned dark and all of a sudden, it started to drizzle. First, I ignored it complaining my mood, then the 'Little Kid' inside pushed me to open the window. I did. It was so chill. I cupped my hands and blew hot air into my hands, which turned cold. I complained the wet winds at first, and then started to enjoy the feel. The nature has the power to heal anything and everything in your life. And it did. My writing hormones started working. I searched for a paper and pen to scribble a poem. But my wonderful luck, I had nothing in my room.

I took my mobile phone out, created a new note and typed in it. The words flowed like a perennial river that is flooding due to the change in weather. The keyboard hanged now and then, as the processor inside the phone could not match the speed of my brain. I really wished I had a better phone or a tablet.

I browsed for a good tablet on Internet. That’s when I came to know about Micromax Canvas Tab P666 that runs on Intel processor. The look and feel of the Tablet was class apart from the ones currently available in the market. I went through the Technical Specification. I was impressed. 1.2 GHz Intel Atom Processor with Hyper Threading for Multi-Tasking, 1 GB RAM, 8-inch screen, 800x1280 pixels resolution, 16M color depth, 325 hours standby time, Android Kitkat 4.4.2, (what a battery backup!) and everything else I saw on the page inspired me.

Something inside my head told me that this Tablet is going to help me rediscover my passion for writing poems and sketching, anytime, anywhere on the earth. That's my New Year resolution too... I have added Micromax Canvas Tab P666 to my list of buy in 2015! Now, it is your turn to rediscover hidden passions and interests with the all new Canvas Tab P666 powered by Intel Atom Processor that gives you a lightning speed performance. Watch the Demo video below!

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