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A day with Tablet! #betterway

Life of IT Professional with a Tablet is like tablets to sugar patients. It is mandatory to consume one daily. Otherwise, you may end up paying a huge price. I am not an exception to deny Tablet in my life, as my day starts with the smart alarm set in my Tablet. Though it is hard to get up early in the morning in this part of the world, still my smart alarm makes sure that I am off bed within ten minutes of the actual alarm time. There is a secret behind those ten minutes.

Can you guess? The secret is the struggle to reach the Tablet, and then switching it off. I wished turning off alarm is handled in a #betterway. Maybe, a voice command could have made life easier.

Being a music lover, the first thing I do after waking up is to switch on the music player. I had created exclusive playlists for each day of the week comprising of my favourite songs. Usually, I go on with it, but sometimes I may switch between playlists, according to the swing of my mood. And that’s where the struggle is. Maybe a #betterway of handling the Tablet (if it can stand on its own) could have made mornings better.

After a refreshing warm bathe, I offer prayer to God. Then I sit down to have my breakfast as well as check updates on social networks. Sometimes…nah, most of the times, my wife scolds me for either dropping the Tablet or spilling milk from the bowl, while I immerse myself on social networks. Maybe a #betterway of holding the Tablet (if I can hold easily) could have made breakfast time merrier.

And that’s when my smart alarm reminds that all I have is ten minutes to get ready and rush otherwise I would miss my bus. I slip into a thermal wear first, and then I put my pants on, belt and shirt to follow, and finally the winter clothes. Mobile phones inside the pocket, Tablet on one hand, and grabbing the tiffin box bag from my wife, I run to bus stop, only to see the bus leaving the bus stop. I hasten my steps, if am lucky, I would get in. Otherwise, I would wait for the next. Whatever happens, either inside the bus or in the bus stop, I take a corner seat to read news. Maybe a #betterway of viewing a Tablet (if I can adjust the angle) could have made the reading experience better.

I intend not to use my personal Tablet at office. But at times, I have to prepare presentations during the travel, or to send emails after a meeting, for which, I use my Tablet. It is quite handy, but the real issue is the touch screen. All unwanted items pop up while working, which irritates a lot. Maybe a #betterway to view the Tablet (if I can hold it tight) could have made meetings tensionless.

I prefer to watch videos during lunchtime. But holding the Tablet and having my lunch is always a headache. Maybe a #betterway to stand the Tablet could have made lunch pleasant.

On the way back home, I either browse online or play games (Angry Birds or any Car Race), but the problem is placing the Tablet at a good angle, which is always a reason for losing car races. Maybe, if the design is made in a #betterway (to place the Tablet on lap) could have made me a clear winner.

Generally, I prefer to have a coffee after reaching home and then I speak on Skype with the sweetest cutest selfless soul in the world – Ma. Usually, I speak for twenty to thirty minutes, but on certain days, we may speak up to an hour with my parents and in-laws. On such occasions my hand ache like anything, though my wife and I are happy, as we speak a lot with our parents. Maybe a #betterway to hold…nah to stand the Tablet could have made me enjoy the moment.

We have our dinner at around 8 PM. After which, either I read books or write poems. It’s a headache to take the laptop out and type, so I prefer to write using Tablet. At times, when I face writer’s block, I search for the perfect word in my mind for hours, and in the meantime, my Tablet would be running out of battery, which irritates a lot, and typing on Tablet adds the fuel to the irritated heart. There are times, where I have literally thrown the Tablet on the bed, and went to sleep. Maybe a Tablet that could run up to 18 – 20 hours (of battery life) in a day and provide a better touch interaction could have helped me stay in peace. Writing is peace. Love is peace. I want to be in peace, a #betterway to lead a happy life.

Did Lenovo hear me? I think they did or else why did they introduce the world’s first multi-mode Tablet, which is easy to hold like never before, stand anywhere, and tilt like I always wanted to, and has a battery life up to 18 hours?


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  1. With the invention of tablet, Mobile phones and Laptop are no longer needed. We can carry tablet everywhere, and can be used in all situations. Lenovo has done a good job by inventing Yoga Tablet, see the battery backup...OMG 18 HOURS! I am loving this. I can now use the tablet all day!!

  2. I am amazed how did you manage to talk all things about this tab in 800+ words only. I took double of words to explain the same...
    Nice post. All the best for contest!

  3. Well written... all the best for the contest :)

    by the way, if you want to fly to Turkey, check my recent blog post here (a lucky voter goes to Turkey):


  4. Great post.. well structured and presented... Good luck :)

    Mine is here: http://yummymummykitchen.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/burst-of-freshness-in-my-home/

    Do let me know your thoughts :)


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