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Made for each other ♥

In a corner of the party hall stood a beautiful blue-eyed angel with a cup of orange juice in her hand. She wore a snow-white splendid sheath party dress that ran from the bottom of the toes to the top of her chest and it perfectly hugged her figure following her curves to elegance, as if it had been made for her. The one-shoulder strap bodice adorned with subtle floral embellishments on the edge and the skirt part, the echoing floral embellishments had drowned from the left side waistline in front and become more to the sweep train. A small heart-shaped pendant hanged from a thin necklace around her neck, tiny heart-shaped earrings dangling on her ears, a round nose ring with embedded stones and a round designer headpiece studded with heart shaped stones hanged from the middle of her head complimented her radiant face gleaming in the party light. Her black hair hung perfectly, its choppy layers framed her face and indeed, she was truly a work of beauty! All eyes were fixed on her waiting for an opportunity to taste her.

To the people around her, she was a just blue-eyed beauty, or maybe a dream girl they wish to marry, but to her little heart, she was more than that. Actually a queen of her own world who could make any one mad with her nonstop nonsense and could burn anyone with her anger, though her heart was clear as a crystal and thoughts were noble as dove. In fact, she was a sweet candy to all who knew her closely.

With each passing minute she became restless, her gaze ran through the place for the seventh time searching for her man, but in vain. She walked to the bartender to fill her glass again and on the way back, she stumbled over the edge of the carpet. A six-foot handsome hunk helped her, smiled and asked if she was okay. She neither did return the smile nor responded to him. She moved away angrily as it was his mistake to make her wait. It was in her basic nature; she neither waited for someone nor made someone to wait. He apologized to her blaming that his jeep’s engine was faulty, so he has to walk all the way to the party hall. Still she was not convinced.

Being married to her for the past two years, he exactly knew what to do to make her happy. So he took a rose from his coat, went down in one knee, and recited a poem for her.

All my life I dreamt of a love,
That does not need any dove,
Still deep and soulful, I knew
It could be only you!

I think of you all day and night,
Even if we break up after the fight,
And whenever I feel bad and down,
You make me laugh and stay around!

Under the cloud and o’er the earth,
I searched for someone from my birth,
Who loves me till eternity with all heart?
And that’s you my sweetest sweetheart!

She blushed! He got up and hugged her tight. And they kissed each other happily!

It was no surprise that why he had won her heart among all the thousands who wanted to fall in love.

This post is written for The Character contest on IndiBlogger sponsored by Harper Collins. Have you read Ismita Tandon's second book Jacob Hills? If not, do right away, Click here to buy Jacob Hills on Amazon.com

Taking the cue from the versatile characters in Jacob Hills, I have created her sketch, the description reveals how she looks, and her character is what she to her little heart. She has a game for you: #GuessHerName? Clue: Put on your glasses and search for the answer in the image.

PS: After winning a couple of school level painting competitions and getting featured on Young World, I lost the interest in painting due to some unavoidable reasons. Today, I am glad I could sketch one after almost twelve years. Hope my dream girl is looking good. The sketch is inspired by an image found on Google Images :)

How is the sketch and the story? Do leave your footprints? Thanks in advance! And you are welcome to promote this post on IndiBlogger, Like & Share on Facebook, Plus & Share on Google or Retweet on Twitter..

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  1. It was a chocolate dipped in honey :) It was like a fairy tale, flow was amazing :) and I love happy endings :) Its always a delight to visit few miles SIS :)

    1. Ah! Thank you so much Aayu. It's my pleasure. Hope you liked the sketch as well!

  2. Aha! What a story, short yet lovely. The poem, especially! Ladies love their men reciting poetry for them, don't they?

    1. Yes, they do like a lot :) Thank you so much Diwa! Happy to have you here after a long gap :)

  3. Wow, awesome story and even better drawing! Your dream girl is BEAUTIFUL! Best of luck for the contest! :D

    1. Thank you so much Solitary Reaper. Welcome to Few Miles :) :) :)

  4. Dear Special One,
    It was awe-inspiring. Beautifully expressed with apt and effective words.
    While reading the scene was all clear before my eyes.That means you are all set to write a good novel :) :)
    Enjoyed the read and what a beautiful caricature! <3
    Please continue your sketching part. Let it be occasionally or too slow yet I would request to continue it...
    You are best in every field and one of the best personalities I've come across so far. Little one is blessed blessed blessed!!!


    1. Little One,

      Thanks. I am at Seventh Heaven. I will try my best to continue :) Glad to read that. I believe I would make my debut soon :) Fingers crossed!

  5. Many congratulations!
    Ragini/Solitary Reaper :D

  6. What a wonderful post. A perfect combination of artwork and words. No wonder you won. :)

    Congrats once again.


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