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a love story


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Jerry is a typical fun loving soul, caring, playful and lovable, a wonderful companion to life. He has golden-brown eyes, cute ears, pale pink lips, sharp teeth and a milky-white complexion. His moustache is very big, in fact, that is what makes Jerry look smart. He was the only companion to the newly married couple Sid and Isha. In the initial days of her marriage life, Isha was afraid of Jerry, but his playful character made her fall in love with Jerry.

It was Isha’s 21st birthday, the first birthday after their marriage, so Sid surprised her by gifting a cute 6-month-old puppy. They named her as Jessy, and that was when Jerry met Jessy. A cute little sweet puppy who loves licking the most, her small black eyes, sharp nose, tiny ears and her cute voice swept Jerry off his feet. Jerry wished a life with Jessy.

Jessy, though a new entrant still glued well with the couple in the first few days of her arrival and Jerry was distanced from them because of the injuries he carried in his last street fight with his fellow street cats, which created jealously feeling in his heart. Jerry meowed every night before his master went to sleep hoping Sid would hear his cry, which Sid ignored. Hearing Jerry’s cry every night Jessy felt pity on him.

On fine day, she approached Jerry and admitted that she fell for him, for his voice and character. Though Jerry was adamant in maintaining his pride, in due course of time, he fell for Jessy and they both developed a good relationship over time. They kissed each other whenever they made love to each other. Jerry was back in shape and Jessy’s love made his recovery faster and easier. And the couple were happy on seeing the pets’ passionate love.

On an ill-fated day, when Sid and Isha has gone out for shopping Jessy was very much hungry, so she ran out to road, hoping she would meet Sid and Isha, but only to be disappointed and to be badly hit by a car. Blood started oozing from mouth, nose and all over body, her breathe strained, eyes dimmed and slowly she became unconscious. Nobody cared to take her to hospital, as she is just a dog.

Jerry who woke up lazily searched for Jessy in and out of the house, but his search went in vain, so he went out looking for her. He meowed continuously hoping she would rush to him, but all he saw was heart wrenching, as Jessy was lying on a pool of blood on the road. He rushed to her, crying badly and pulled her inside the gate so that not any other vehicle would run on her again. He then ran to the shop where Sid and Isha was there and alarmed them about what happened to Jessy. Sid being very close to Jerry read his emotions and ran to the house only to find a half-dead Jessy. Isha broke down. Sid took Jessy to hospital, where she was operated in ICU. She was in a danger condition and was put to observation.

Jerry being an atheist sat along with Isha and offered prayer to God. 'God, I want to make a wish.' Jerry nodded his head and Isha continued, 'I want to see Jerry and Jessy happily together again.' And Jerry licked God’s feet wishing the same.

Jessy was positive and recovering well. And in a week’s time, she was discharged from the hospital after a major surgery to her left eye, which was removed after being found gangrenous.

On seeing Jessy, Jerry was out of control, his emotions were indescribable, he rushed to her and started licking all over her body as his wish was granted by God.

On seeing Jerry and Jessy, Isha asked Sid, 'What kind of love story is this idiot?'

Sid said, 'An innocent love story which I have never seen or heard so far.' And Sid kissed Isha passionately as God granted his wish and he can call himself a responsible father after eight months.

Isha said, 'Those were the best days of my life! And it will continue to be the best. Definitely, arranged marriage is a magic!'

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  1. Definitely heart touching story, gladly with a happy ending.
    You marvel at capturing emotions well SIS !
    lovely! :)

    1. Long time Aish :) How are you? How is your life?

      Thank you :)

  2. that was beautiful. me loves happies endings.

  3. AWWW!! AWESOME!! every time I wonder how do you write so flawlessly?? Its so beautiful!!

    Uthra Suresh- If only wishes were horses

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad I could make you feel awesome!

  4. Awww...this is really very sweet SIS... :)you are too good in capturing and presenting emotions...it also reminded me of that rat's friendship story. Just loved it :)

    1. You were reminded of that? I am glad to know. Thank you so much Aayu :)

  5. Something really different and such a Cute and lovely Love story .. All the Best for BAT Marshall

    My Try - Vikas Khair - Wishes

  6. that was sweet :)
    All the best :)

  7. Special One,
    It was Awesome!!!
    Beautifully weaved emotions and captured a touching love story.
    Though the use of similar names was a bit confusing..

    Best Wishes to the BEST! :-)

    1. Confusing little one? Hmmm.. Thanks a lot.. I am glad you felt the story awesome :)

  8. Stories can be inspired or evolved in different ways. One such unique evolution of love is your post. Good one. ATB for BAT 40..

    1. Thank you so much Vajra.. I am happy that you felt it unique.. :)

  9. भावनाओं से ओता प्रोत रचना
    सुन्दर प्रस्तुति

  10. it is truly an innocent love story and i have seen this kind of cat-dog friendship but being administrator to the contest you should not take a part here.

    1. Hi Cifar,

      Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. For your information, I am not contesting for Blog-a-Ton crowns from edition no 31 and this is known to all old legs :) :) It is just that passion in me wants to participate in Blog-a-Ton and that's the reason I am writing :) Thanks again :) Keep writing..

      My best wishes for you :)

      Someone is Special


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