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I ♥ U

'Memories...they make my world. I want to relive my days I lived with you once in the past...'

'You sound like an idiot...don’t you? They are just memories, which have nothing to do with your life. Go to sleep. Good Night'
She hangs up!

Those words are just from her lips but I know her heart...still she is not ready to accept the truth, which will change her world for good. I close my eyes to relive those beautiful days again inside my heart.

Few months ago, we met each other on Facebook on a photography page. We were accidentally tagged by the page administrator on a same comment thanking us for appreciating his work, which we both liked and that’s how the fate helped us to know each other.

H O W   I   K N O W   H E R   -   A   T R O U B L E S O M E   T A L E
I would say it was our passion - “Photography” as she followed sent a message asking if I know the page admin and if I could intro him. It led to another love saga...that’s too much no? I would say another troublesome tale!

H O W   I   M E T   H E R?
I believe...on a bright sunny day, she asked if we could meet each other and click some photographs. I came with my Canon Babe and she boasted her Nikon kid just to click some awesome worthless stupid idiotic clicks, though we personally loved it.

T H E   F R I E N D S H I P!
Day by day, no wait...it’s second by second we interacted on Facebook about boys, girls, jeans, t-shirts, online shopping, window shopping, books, and what not? Even about sex...I mean Sex in the city!

C H A R A C T E R   S K E T C H
I’m just another guy; hair waved down to ears, eyes are slightly darker shade of brown, like coffee; ears are not so big, still cute; slim and tall, but not as tall as Amitabh Sir is. She is a flawless creation! She has a face of Olive (I'm Popeye the Sailor Man). Her big olive eyes can steal hearts of stags. Her short nose still adds beauty to her face. Her perfect pale pink lips tempts me a lot and the smile she carries on her face is what I click the most. She has the best of the best features a girl could have. Totally, she is a dream! (Too much NO????)

L o V e ?
On a not a hot Sunday evening , around half past seven I text her asking if we could go out for a night photo shoot for which she was waiting for...in the past six months. We met on our usual meeting spot: the beach. She came in her pink pyjamas, pink slippers, and what not? Everything :P She looked girly for the first time..., which created a few butterflies in my stomach.

‘Hey you look cute today!’ She blushed! We discussed about various kinds of photography. How one can become a good photographer? And some more dumb ideas, though my intention is to keep looking into beautiful blushing eyes, which I noticed for the first time in the past six months. An ice cream van passed by us and she whispered, ‘I want a Cornetto ice cream.’

‘I will buy for you.’
She smiled as I bought two Cornetto’s. We continued walking clicking photographs of weird lights on road. Suddenly, a thought hit my head, and I stared at her for a minute.

‘Hello! What?’ I did not speak instead I went on one knee, opened the Cornetto, and offered her with a smile.

She smiled, ‘You are a crazy man.’ I stayed on my knees. ‘Will you be my breathe?’ Her eyes twinkled, she blushed a lot better than before, and she said, ‘I’m already!’

T H E   T W I S T
Her father who is a investment banker in London found a great opportunity for his child, who is none other than she. The opportunity was to fill the position of wife for an investment banker who is a 30+ million-dollar man and she accepted the opportunity happily.

T H E   U L T I M A T E   W I N N E R!!
A year after, on a winter Sunday evening, around seven in the night, she with her husband attended an International Photography Award Ceremony in which I was awarded as a Best Photographer of the Year by Sony for one of my play with lights.

M O N E Y! M O N E Y!! M O N E Y!!!
I won more than million hearts by my photographs which eventually won several million-dollar contracts. All because of One Reason - L O V E = One Passion - P H O T O G R A P H Y = One Soul - * * * *

T H E   E N D
‘It was nice to see you winning one of the most prestigious awards for your photography. I’m really happy.’

‘But... I missed you – priceless possession of my life. All I’ve now is memories, they make my world...'

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  1. Dear Special One,

    How's you doing?

    The note for 'memories' in starting...Loved it :)
    I must say what a smart writing, Special one..Cheers! use of titles in between throughout the post made it more interesting and catchy.

    Hold on, is that you and the lucky girl in the pic? Awesome click - Awesome pic!! :)
    My best wishes!

    1. Thank you so much Little One!! I am glad you loved the note for memories!! Happy man!!!

  2. Welcome back.
    For sometime, I was reading and believing it to be your story. Yeah, I believe you when you said SATC :D

    A wonderfully creative post.

    1. Thanks a lot Saru.. I am glad to know that!!

  3. Saravana, you are back with a very Saravana-like post. Romantic, but with a not-so-very-happy ending.

    Welcome back after your special day. I'm sure you'll agree with me saying that the best part of your post is that photograph ;)


    1. Yeah, completely agree with you bro.. Happy to have you here.. :)

  4. What a comeback, SIS.. Romance is in the air..loved the smooth narration..Awesome story..

    1. I am glad to have a good comeback. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!


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