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...A reason to celebrate

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I fly across the winds under the clouds amid the people carrying an untold story of a heart counting his last few hours. He may not see her again, but his last few words will tell her, how badly he missed his lost love. I need to find her, and I do not have any other choice. I have less time left. Can I make it to her? I doubt if I can. I continue flying hoping I can be a reason for someone’s happiness.

Someone has caught me. I guess it is a little baby. She has small blue eyes, tiny ears, and a sweet curve on her round face; her tender hands complete her. She is a Goddess. I would be happy if she handover me to her mother or someone who can read me, will she?

Oh, God she throws me down, this is bad :( I need to fly… I need to… I need…to…fly… But my bad, I’m lying in the streets of Mumbai :( Will someone pick me up? I wonder if it can happen.

Ouch! It’s hurting. What could be this sharp thing? I guess… It must be a… Dog, is it? This is bad again. I should fly to reach her. Dog, please leave me down. I beg you. I beg you… please… When I’m almost lost, a ray of hope came in the form of burger as he let me down in the process of filling his stomach. I’m saved. I start my journey once again in search of her with the help of winds. The wind current is amazing as I feel being loved whenever the wind touches me softly. I’m lucky, as it is a windy day.

Winds…please do not stop. I love this feeling but…the happiness does not last long as I land on a chair. I wish someone can pick me up from here and help me reach her. Will it happen? I’m depressed as no one came touched me so far…and after an hour of desperate waiting, someone took me in his hands. He must be in his forties I guess and I’m glad as he starts reading.

Wet Winds blew again and I fly from his hand to a nearby apartment, pass through the window and finally I found her... She reads with her pink lips...

Sweetie Pie,

So much has been said to you over the years. I have exhausted the vocabulary explaining my situation on that fateful day. Still you are not ready to either accept me or forgive me. I’m not sure what to do or how to get you back and I cannot tolerate this pain. Hence, I have decided to end this in an easy way. I’m sorry to say I’m writing to you after having consumed seven sleeping pills. I know you hate writers who kill English; hence, please pardon me and ignore the typos and grammatical errors.

Still I feel like it was yesterday I saw you in pink colored frock riding her bicycle…but ten years have passed by and we have grown; in fact, a lot. I wished you would be my better half, even dreamt a life with our kids, but our fate, we had to part after living together for a year. I agree it is my mistake, though I can blame the situation I was in; still I did the repair work, and I waited for you to accept me, but…

“The beautiful word found my human being for the unseen feeling is love.” Do you remember this? I said holding your hands in the rain when I first kissed you. I felt the same whenever I kissed you as you always throws up newness and mystery in our life. I love every second I lived with you and hoping to live at least for one more second with you.

“Men know better than the language does.” You said after we made love for the first time and I have said, “I now know how an Angel looks like.” Do you at least remember this?

I have heard people saying, “If our life is short then God gifts happy moments!” I have had enough. I wish to write more but I’m unable to see anything clearly and my eyelids close without my order.

I need you… The fragrance of flower still reminds you, the sounds of chirping birds reminds you, the tender hands reminds your touches, it kept me alive, and I realize that there is no life without you.

I want to say I still love you with all my heart. I would love to hear your voice once before my end. So, please…call me Sweetie Pie when this letter reaches you. I would celebrate dancing for our favorite song, if I’m alive by God’s grace. I do not think I would be…

PS: Isha must be two I guess. Say that her Dad will come someday to meet her.


A teardrop fell from her eyes to wet me. I’m sure she would call him and I wish he had come out of coma to pick her call.

I can hear her voice… “Sid…I…”

Sid has a reason to celebrate life with Hassini and Isha. I too have a reason to celebrate as I reached her in time.

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PS: Creativity is a result of inspiration. A paper was flying across the road amid the people to land on my face. To my surprise, someone has written “I Love U Idiot!” and that’s pretty much the inspiration of this post. WoW or not? Do let me know :)

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  1. Ooh another pearl from your pen... It made me cry SIS... When you know that someone loves you passionately... It becomes the True reason to celebrate... Keep writing ...Let the celebration continues.. :)

    1. Sorry to make you shed tears.. Thank you so much Aayu :) Happy to know that this post is another pearl from my pen :)

  2. Hey Special One,

    I am greatly touched by this...
    There is everything... celebration,pain, dedication for the love, reasons to...

    Beautifully written :)

    Stay Smiling!
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks a lot Little One.. Glad I could write such a sweet post :)

  3. Wow. Another great story from you and your keyboard. ;)
    I know where to come if anytime I need to read love stories. And I must say, great take on the prompt. ATB for BAT. :)

    1. Thank you so much Harshal.. I am really happy to know that :) :) :)

  4. You have expressed the innermost and deepest feelings in a very realistic manner... Very touching.

  5. ohh wow so beautifully expressed...pleasure, pain, love, remorse and celebration
    ATB for BAT :)

    1. Thanks a lot Karan.. I am glad I could express all feelings in a single post :)

  6. SiS..The story, a very simple one, is so gently treated to evoke a keen interest in the reader and relates well to every situation the protagonist faces...A moving post and the last letter brought a lump to my throat...
    Enjoyed flying with the breeze...:))

    1. Glad I could fly you with the story.. Thank you so much Panchali!! :)

  7. Very good story with all kinds of emotions. And using the paper to flow and carry the message is a good idea.

    1. Thank you so much aativas.. Glad you liked the idea :)

  8. Beautifull expressed someone is special ..

  9. hmmm..SIS..you justified your words that you love those stories where nature is the medium(not only reading but writing them too)...and you have penned down so beautifully...emotions are curled in so well..loved it

    Peep into mine

    1. I am glad I could justify my words.. :) Thank you so much :)

  10. Beautiful narration, full of emotions, which kept me gripped to the story. Loved the read! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Ritvik.. A short story of mine has been published in the book 'Kaleidoscope' where the lead character name is Ritvik :) Happy your name is lucky to me :)

  11. True love surpasses all barriers I believe. wonderfully portrayed. Good luck :-0

  12. The way you think of narrating a story is out of the box! It is unconventional and grasping at the same time :)
    I loved the way you have woven words emitting emotions of a lover..:)
    The letter is not only touching but has a very innocent appeal to it..for the beloved..
    I must say a very unique take on the theme :) ..Sarav :)
    Happy Festive season.. :)

    1. You made me fly to cloud nine. Thanks a lot.. I am so so happy Megha :)


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