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Happy Teacher's Day

It has been so long since I wrote a post reflecting my life; it was either fiction or poems and dramas all the way. As today is Teacher's Day, I thought of dedicating a Poem to all my teacher's, the reason for my success! However, after reading Rachana Shakyawar’s post on Teacher's Day, inspired me to travel down my memory lane to write about the relationship between Teacher's and me.

ashzzes says: “I wonder you love romance or romance loves you...” Even I wonder the same but one thing I’m confident is, “I love Mathematics and Mathematics loves me!”

The love for numbers started when I’m three. I loved learning 1, 2, 3 instead of A, B, C! When people bought Tables book, I created my own as in image below, as I followed a different logic for everything. I was looking at Mathematics from a different angle, which I only knew and, will know until my last breathe.
The best thing is till my 10th grade, I never missed a centum in Mathematics in Annual Examinations. In fact, I had a weird habit; in Mathematics, I always used to miss at least one or two marks in Mid-Term, Quarterly, Half Yearly or whatever exams that were conducted those days. Because I know if I score centum once in any of these exams, then I’ll become over confident, and the pain of losing one mark will not be there, weird no?

The best gift Mathematics gave to me is my speech in CVRDE Gate Meeting - the moment that made my Dad proud.

The first person who comes to my mind is Phithili Sir. He has coached my elder sister, my younger brother, and my two nieces (her father is the first one to join). I promised I’ll score centum in Mathematics which my sister missed by one mark, and I did. My niece Sathya also did it and she stood State Fifth, the best in our family, earlier my elder sister stood state eleventh! Still I remember the evening after my mathematics, thank you Sir for whatever you taught did in my life. :)

The second person who comes to my mind is Shanmugapriyan Sir. I’m lucky to have him as my Mathematics lecturer in my first, third, and sixth (Numerical Methods) semester. I remember those golden words said by my Sir when I flunked for the first time in my life in Mathematics (Numerical Methods). “You have a fast processing brain and it works faster than 99% of your classmates. Do well” I did well to score 93 Sir :) Thank you Sir, “You are the lion!” as you always say :)

The third person who comes to my mind is Manimeghala Madam. She is my Mathematics Teacher in my tenth grade as my favourite Shaktivel Sir left the school mid-year. The week after she joined our school, she conducted a class test. I was sitting on a bench and my friend Sunderasan was sitting down, and I was observing him, as he was working a sum in a wrong method. Mam caught me asking, ‘Why are you copying from him?’ I was shocked because I did not copy :( My friend Sunderasan said, ‘I may copy from him but he will not. He is the Mathematics king!’ I was the happiest man and from that moment, Mani Mam became close to me. Thank you Mam and Sunderasan!

The love for the subject was also extended to the teachers who handled the subject. This does not mean that I did not like the teachers who handled other subjects; I loved all my teachers!

In fact the list is long – My kindergarten Teachers (Taradevi Teacher, Vijayalakshmi Teacher), My Primary school Teachers (Subbulakshmi Madam, Uma Madam, Vasanthi Teacher), My Secondary school Teachers (Thenmozhi Mam, Santosh Sir, Manimeghala Mam, Anand Sir, Tamizh Ayya, Prithiviraj Sir, Santosh Sir, Jyothi Sir), My UG Professors (Shanmugapriyan, Karthikeyan, Udhay Shankar, Seetha, Vijayalakshmi, Narmada, Ramya, and the list goes on.

How can I forget the trademark lines that my Teachers said... ‘You people will never follow me!’ ‘Is this a class or fish market?’ ‘I do not want to hear any of your excuses.’ ‘This is the worst class or batch I’ve ever seen’ ‘Silence!’ ‘Okay!’ ‘Get out of the class!’ and the list goes on...

Despite all these, they are pillars of this building, without them I’m nothing, though I have talent :) Thank you all!

Memories are like a spider web. If you try to recall an incident, then its related incident will pop out automatically. That’s what happened today!

Happy Teachers Day!

Happy Birthday Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Karthik!

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my dear friend Yoga and Divya!

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  1. It seems interesting that you love mathematics so much. I also love mathematics. My friends call me 'ganitagya'(mathematician). I used to calculate very quickly. Well! it's been on a hold for a quite long time, so don't know. But, yes! your post ignited that spirit again. So, that means, I have found another teacher in you!
    Thank you SIS! :)

    1. :) Glad to know that.. Thank you so much!!

  2. Mathematics Hero! :D
    A beautiful post ...

    Very Well said,
    ''Memories are like a spider web. If you try to recall an incident, then its related incident will pop out automatically''.

  3. dear SIS
    Its so lovely that you remember your teachers so well.!! They must be so very proud of you if they ever read this!
    and yes I do know you love maths,I still remember the post my life.... her shadow where you gave such lovey tips regarding the subject. All this clearly defines you as simran says a 'mathematics hero'.

    happy teachers day :)


    1. Thank you so much :) Happy to know that you still remember that post :)

  4. A wonderful read..your post freshened a lot of memories..


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