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A memorable online shopping experience madness!

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – says Paulo Coelho. I agree!

It’s not every day you find someone whom you can befriend with. When you find someone precious, you cannot miss him or her in your life. He or she may be younger or older to you, fair or dark to your eyes, near or far from where you live, or whatever, still they are precious as your friend or sometime you cannot tag a label, and you so wanted to gift him or her as a gift, for what and who they are to you. I have a few close to my heart but she is a special one, actually a little one, with whom I share a special bond – a precious invisible bond to bind us! She is such a sweetie!

In early days, people used dove to send very small gifts and as a messenger; in 80’s, people used telegram for sending short messages, and posts for sending small gifts, before a decade back people bought gifts for their precious ones and couriered them. A few years back, people found a solution for their problems and tagged it as ‘Online Shopping’ – The one stop solution for all your needs! They named the solution as ‘eBay’, ‘FlipKart’, ‘snapdeal’, ‘Qvendo’, ‘Pringoo’, etc. I love the second and third always, as I’d my best experience with them. If online shopping was not there, I’d not have been able to gift ma sweet one. In fact, that’s my first real online shopping experience after Pringoo, which my friend did on behalf of me – a sweet memorable experience :)

This incident happened thirteen months ago, and all thanks to Mohinee of Gurukripa for hosting Grand Patriotic Poetry contest and inviting to judge the contest! It was a fantastic experience to judge the contest with poetic greats. Glad and blessed to judge an entry by Aadarneeya Ms. Swarna Kaurji and it is none other than the Grandmother of my little one! As I promised during the initial announcement, I wanted to send gifts, but how can I send gifts to Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh? I wondered!

That’s when my roommate introduced FlipKart. It sounded like Greek and Spanish to me! ‘What? How? Are you sure?’ Puzzled I was, and the solution was simple. In fact, I was amazed by the collection they had under each category and variety. I learnt about the best deals, offers and what not – Online shipping itself is the best gift invented by a human for humans!

Quickly, I browsed the catalogue of books and selected books of my choice keeping Grandma in mind. I added the books, “Gitanjali - Rabindranath Tagore”, “My Experiments With Truth : An Autobiography - Mahatma Gandhi”, “Anna Hazare - The Fakir Who Moved A Country” and “Love On The Rocks - Ismita Tondon Dhanker” to my cart and checked out for payment. I found two options for payment and I’d to choose Online Payment :( My hands shivered to make an online payment and I had no other choice :( so I did make an online payment after confirming for the umpteenth time about the integrity of the site with my friend. Still I was not convinced, so I took a screen shot of the same for my reference and emailed little one too :)

Click here to view an enlarged image

I was so worried about the quality of the products, though it was books and it has to be delivered to Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. A week had gone by peeping into my laptop for an email from Little One, but finally, it took ten days to reach Gorakhpur. I was the happiest man in the world to know that the books reached them in very good condition and Little One, her Parents and Grandma were happy, a lot in fact.

But what made the experience so memorable was the reaction of Little One and Grandma. The below text was taken from Little One’s Blog post.

I'm sharing here so late almost after 3 months about my so special gift I received from my Special One, Saravana! There was a Grand Patriotic Poetry Contest organised by dear friend Mohinee. In this contest, I submitted my Sweet Granny's poem हित अपने देश का. And when the result declared my granny and me started dancing with excitement because her poem was selected the best by Someone is Special! Then I lived that moment brought happiness to her. I saw something that I'd never seen before... tears in her eyes! But they were of joy, excitement and satisfaction. She has been writing poetry from so many years but they were compiled in a diary with no reader until I publish them on my blog. Now she has great talented readers here so she gets so eager to make me post them as soon as possible. All of yours appreciating and encouraging words have made her to pen down poetry again she skipped years before! I want to give a big thanks to Mohinee for organizing such a wonderful contest and to my Special One, Saravana for honoring my granny with such wonderful gifts.

image courtesy - Simran Kaur of My Friendship

This might not have had happened if Online Shopping was not there. All thanks to Online Shopping for helping to strengthen a pure unfading sweet relationship in the world with my Little One, which cannot be named! I can cherish this memory forever!

I thank BlogAdda for organizing the contest Moment of Madness, for selecting my post as one of the winning post, for offering a gift voucher to shop from Pringoo, which ultimately was my first online shopping (seeing) experience and also for organizing this contest, which has created an opportunity to share a sweet incident happened in my life. I’m wishing hoping to do a memorable online shopping from snapdeal.com as well :)

This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com

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  1. Hi Special One,

    I am so happy that you shared one of those most remarkable moments that I and Grandma will be cherishing for the lifetime.
    Thank you so much Special One for such precious gifts..so close to my and Grandma's heart! :) :)
    Grandma too read this post and she is happy and grateful to you.
    You made my day and added one more sweet unforgettable memory with this! I am short of words right now.

    Yes, ''a precious invisible bond to bind us...that we share of Affection and Believe''
    Blessed me to have you My Special One!! :)

    Lots Of Love and Care~
    -Little One and Grandma

    1. I am glad to know that Little One.. Happy you know.. And what you said about Grandma is something awesome.. Thanks for that :)


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