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We prefer being knocked out by punches rather than being cheated by #AIBA #Vijender

The time is around 1:35 in London and I’m unable to sleep after watching Vijender vs Atoev Bozing Match, sorry fixer…

A Billion’s dreams were shattered after the match was handed over to Atoev after a controversial second round gave Atoev two more points than Vijender for being punched by Vijender.

What had happened to Vijender was unbelievable.

In the first round both Vijender and Atoev was equal, but in the second round Vijender almost knocked down Atoev, commentators were praising Vijender and the crowd went mad on seeing his punches, but the result favored the cheap cheaters Atoev.

Vijender couldn’t believe it so he continued his punches in the third round only to lose the match, I pity for him, who should have had been the winner of the match.
Neither the commentators nor the audience was able to digest it.

Tweets and Social Networking sites started buzzing around the controversial match; experts tweeted and claimed it as shame to AIBA.

Here are the pics to prove the point..

See the powerful punch of Vijender and how the opponent goes down

The opponent is still recovering from Vijender's blows, still Vijender lost.. WTF???

Click (1) & (2) to read the tweet..

The realtime tweets..

What newyorker times has said about this.. READ IT HERE


See what Indian Media had said about the game.. Link

Tweeted...Thanks to #AIBA for shattering 1.35 billions dreams. Do judges have eyes?? Can money buy everything? #olympics #boxing #london2012 #cheating

They claim that judges decision are final, but just before days in this edition, boxing result has been changed after five hours as the country raised the issue..

Now it is Time to India to raise an appeal...


Click on all the tweet buttons to tweet AT AIBA as it has specific logic behind it

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  1. Cheating!! :(
    Its too hurting for the Indians.

    Unable to understand, So much complications in such a great tournament! And not just once but many times...shameful for the dignity of Olympics.

    P.S.- Thank you so much for such beautiful comments. Love them! Blessed me! :)


  2. My friend Saravana,
    Guess what? You've been featured over at my blog this week! I have a little something for you. Come see here...

  3. Offcourse I agree with whatever you have written but i do feel that at this stage where world nations are competing with each other at the highest level,we cant expect such biased judgements...in case of sangwan and Manoj kumar, i believe that decisions were agaisnt us... Even in case of vijender. Sangwans match was clearly won by us. But we have become a victim of biased judgement ...sad but true..

  4. by doing this they have not only just disgraced to boxing...but to all sports...

    anyways...no matter corruption comes or goes...Indian media will always be a crap...why can't they even write about the event publicly...what are they actually afraid of...???or might be the reason they just want the focus on "SPICY NEWS" only which is most of the time according to news channels is "typical ladies serials and movies" or "politics" and that's one of the main reason why sports in India has been progressing at such slow pace... :-/

  5. That was unbelievable and as someone said, at times luck is on your side.

  6. @ Andy David

    Thank you so much Andy.. It is my pleasure.. SmileS...

  7. @ The Solitary Writer

    Yes, we lost by cheating.. otherwise, we are the winners...

    Someone is Special


    you hit the spot Cynosure.. Thanks.. All I need is people like you..

    Someone is Special

  9. @ Saru Singhal

    I don't think it is luck.. It is clear cheating..

    Someone is Special


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