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#350 ...and we are perfect Two! PS: Mad for each other!!!

A pink coloured rectangular box. The walls are Princeton orange or Flame orange. The floor has alternate squares of black and white like chessboard. She has a trunk with many stuffed animals on it that she keeps dear to her heart. Though she has six teddy bears, two dogs and four Barbie girls, still she prefers to sleep o’er the pillows that are spread within her queen-sized bed made of wood and soft cushion mattress – a mixture of white and pale pink colours and it makes her feel like heaven. A poster of Roger Federer hangs on the far corner of the wall while the one near her bed is Sachin Tendulkar. There is a small dressing table in her room that houses her vast collection of cosmetics, etc., etc. A mirror that makes faces reflecting her mood and lucky enough to mirror her beauty. Her wardrobe is yet another garment shop, which has mix of both western and Indian dresses. Her toys, blanket, dresses, and cosmetics are mostly pink just like any other girl, she is a lover of pink too!

She is a flawless creation! She has a face of goddess. Her big moist eyes can steal hearts of stags. Her nose is drafted close to perfection to add beauty to her face. Her perfect pale pink rose bud lips can even tempt a saint and the smile she carries on her face is a medicine for all trauma; in fact a social service. Her white complexion is hard to compare. She has the best of the best features a girl could have. Totally, she is a dream! It’s no wonder why those thousands wanted to marry her. PS: I’m one of them and lucky enough to knot the auspicious thread around her neck!

She is simple, modern, sometimes moody, sometimes talkative and ever romantic girl. Her heart is clear as crystal and her thoughts are noble as dove. She is the queen of her own world. She can make one go mad with her non-stop nonsense talk :P She is known for her frequent mood changes – a perfect example for the sine wave :P. If she is in good mood, she is the best ultra stupid girl! If she is in normal mood, she is an okayish girl! But if she is upset then it is highly impossible to handle her. She will say only one-word answer for whatever I ask; she will not eat properly and the worst part is she will not sleep until dawn :( This week is one such phase in her life. She is yet to sleep properly from last Sunday night and I’m trying my best to make her sleep every night. Actually, I know the reason for her sadness and I can talk to her regarding the same, but I do not want to hurt her discussing about it; better this way. She should be fine by this weekend, hopefully.

It is already half past eleven; she is still reading the same old novel – Love Story by Eric Segal. Probably, she might be reading that book for the hundredth time I guess, and I’ve no idea when she is going to sleep.

Kis waqt sone ka iraada hain
She simply passes a look, which means...

Aaj ka din kaise guzra
Not too good,’ she hisses without eye contact.

Neither she is planning to sleep nor speaking with me. It’s almost midnight, and I’m losing my patience each passing second.

Bahut suhana mausam hai... rhim jhim baras rahi hai barish

Dirty rain,’ she says looking into my eyes. Her eyes are red like a drunkard bastard. I’m pretty much sure if she continues to stay awake like this; our life is going to be hell then. I love her a lot and I cannot see her suffer; somehow, I want to erase her pain without her knowledge. I know I can!

Chalo, thoda ghoom ke aatey hai

Are you mad or what? It’s raining heavily. Already, I’m drenched twice in this week. I do not want to take any risk which could affect my health conditions.’ She shouts

Chalo chaltey hai,’ I say with a smile. Finally, after ten minutes, I’m able to drag her out of the house successfully.

The first drop of the rain trickles on our face, which makes us wiggle but she makes faces and says, ‘it’s damn chill idiot,’ and in minutes, we are drenched completely but she is still making faces complaining the wet winds.

Someone loves rain :P,’ I say with a smile, she smiles and asks, ‘where are we heading to?’ The freshness in her voice conveys her mood change, for which I can do anything in my life.

Park,’ I say and she smiles because it’s not just another park, it’s her life. It’s where she owns her sweet childhood memories – the best days of life. She likes seesaw a lot; in fact, it is her favourite time pass even in her college days :P She is such a crazy mad lovable girl. The park has its own stories as well because it houses at least twenty romantic couple every day, fifty old-aged people, hundreds of screaming kids, thousands of pleasant smelling flowers, millions of colourful butterflies, and so on.

She clutches my hand tightly as the rain starts to pour down heavily and she lies on my shoulder while walking; I feel her warmth :) As soon as we reach the park, she runs to seesaw like an eight-year-old kid and she goes mad, as usual :P and I by sitting on the other side of the seesaw, the perfect mad couple – mad for each other :) She goes mad again dancing in the rainwater like she used to dance in her intermediate days. I’m happy to see her smiling and dancing in the rain like this. This is what I want in all my life and that’s why I live in this world. She has gone mad completely by the time I sang her favourite song; she says, ‘I love you,’ hugging with love. PS: Not even raindrops can enter between us.

It is almost two in the morning when we reached home. We are completely drenched in rain and she is looking like a perfect doll in wet clothes. She says, ‘Let's change before we sleep,’ I smile mischievously and say, ‘I can help you to change’. I undress her, ‘Oye, the clothes will stink if we throw like this,’ she says and I continue, finally we are kissing passionately, and we... She blushes – the way she blinks is one of the best thing she does whenever we make love :)

It is four in the morning; she is sleeping on my chest after what we have done hours ago. She must be tired I believe that’s why she slept so soon, usually, we used to talk :P The clothes stink badly, which she hates even in sleep. I slowly switch her to a more comfortable position and I place pillows to make her sleep comfortable.

After a small struggle, I manage to collect the clothes, washing powder and I reach the washing machine. I place clothes inside the washing machine, add Surf Excel Matic, and switch it on. While walking back to bedroom a quote flashed in my mind, "Have you taken the time to soak in peace? Because life is too short...Soak No More!" which I read on official fan page of Surf Excel Matic. It’s absolutely true; she will be able to soak in sleep peacefully without the stinking smell of wet clothes.

The room is filled with her unique special delicate sweet aroma she possesses. She is smiling in her sleep, which makes me happy; after all, all my life I want her to smile happily. I also feel she will get over the past one-week hangover when she wakes up and I’m sure she will smile happily from now on because I know her completely.

'Everything will be okay Sweetheart, Love you so much!' I whisper in her ears and she smiles broadly. I take my DSLR camera in nanoseconds to capture her beautiful smile, definitely one in a billion, billion smile, and she is the only reason for my smile :)

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Happy Endings! Keep Smiling!

PS: This is my 350th mile in my journey of Few Miles!!!

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  1. Awww...This is such a cute post. We have the votes of all the girls out there...

    I will ask Alok to read it. He likes going on walks late at night but would never do laundry. This will inspire him. Superb thought, romantic and well executed.

    All the very best, cross your fingers for a lady judge.:)

  2. @ Saru Singhal

    You made my day Saru.. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment.. I wish a lady judge too :)!!! Happy and do request Alok to leave his footprints as well.. Thanks in advance..!

    Someone is Special

  3. @Saru - a lady judge would really melt on Saravana's romantic writings :D

    @Saravana - I searched your post just to read what you have written.well,I was not disappointed .Let me tag you as a Romantic Writer .

  4. Hi Special One,

    Congrats! on achieving Super 350's!:)
    Celebrations! So Happy!

    Beautiful description of very little things makes your writing interesting. Liked the conversation part the most! Cute indeed! :)

    Cheers! for the Few Miles and Special One success :) :)


  5. Awesome written post SIS. . Loved the way you narrated. . !
    Must admit that you have very well endorsed the product that you had to. . !!
    And yeah, congrats on your 350th mile. . Expecting to see a few thousand miles from you. . !!

  6. @ Uma

    I'm glad I did not disappoint you.. Hmm and thanks for the tag and you are the tenth blogger to give me that tag in specific.. Thanks

    Someone is Special

  7. @ Simran

    Little One,

    Thank you so much for your wishes and blessings..

    Happy to read to your encouraging comments.. I'm happy and glad you felt it cute..

    Thanks again..


    Someone is Special

  8. @ sulaiman sait


    Thank you so much.. Glad you loved the narration and the plot.. Happy and glad it glued well...

    Thank you thank you. I wish to write billion posts bro.. wish me Good luck..

    Someone is Special

  9. such a beautiful story! leaves the reader feeling warm and happy! simply beautiful! ATB for the contest

  10. As always the undisputed king of romance on blog-o-sphere. Smoothly narrated and the product advertising also did not stand out awkwardly this time. Blended beautifully with the story.

  11. Hello there :)

    Thank you so much for the amazing comment on my blog, totally made my day! :)
    just wanted to let you know that you are a wonderful blogger :) I am hooked onto your blog since morning and haven't done a thing :D You are doing a great job :) Keep up the good work! :)
    Following you :)
    PS: Loving every article I have read so far! :)
    Good luck!
    Namita <3

  12. Beautifully written :)

    Though romance is not my thing at all, and yet I enjoyed your blog a lot :)

    All the best :)

  13. Awwww, this was so so cute!

    SiS, I must tell you the way you described the first paragraph, it catches the interest of the reader from there on. Bang on!

    Excellent stuff. A few lines made me feel that it was a bit over-romantic and you could have been better off without them. But that in no manner takes away the credit and the applause you deserve. Bravo!

    All the luck, you shall win! :)


  14. बेहद उम्दा रचना और 350वी पेशकश पर बधाई

  15. @ justanotherwakeupcall

    Thank you so much for your encouraging comments.. :)

    Someone is Special

  16. @ The Fool

    You made my day The Fool.. Thank you so much.. Glad glad glad glad and happy!!!!!!

    Someone is Special

  17. @ Life is a fairytale

    Welcome to Few Miles!

    It is my pleasure to have you here.. and you made my day too.. thank you thank you..

    I'm glad to know that.. Thanks!!!

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    Happy to have you here after a long gap, if I'm not wrong, after TWO MINUTES.. Hmm.. you made my day.. Thanks, I'm on Cloud 9.. Keep visiting..

    Also, start writing bro - request..

    Someone is Special

  20. @ Shashiprakash Saini

    Thank you thank you.. Pleasure to have you here..

    Someone is Special

  21. Wow!!...This is so romantic and creative too!...Perfect for the contest!!....All the best....I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

    And congrats on your 350th post....:)

  22. Hey 'Someone is special' ..
    It was so cute .. a beautiful combination of hindi and english words.. :)
    All the very best .. wish you win :)
    Thanks !

  23. Dis is purely beautiful..:)
    I mean i thout i will b a part of dis competition.M wrkin on it.
    But ur already way ahead.
    Beautifull written.
    M following u Sarvana.:)

  24. @ Sri Valli

    Sri Valli, you made my day with your sweet comments.. All I need is encouraging comments.. Thanks!!!!!!!

    Someone is Special

  25. @ Anu ~*~

    Thank you so much Anu.. Pleasure to have you here.. Keep visiting..

    Someone is Special

  26. @ Ankitha,

    I'm on Cloud Nine.!!! You made my day.. Thanks you so much... 1. For your encouraging comment. 2. For the follow. 3. For the email.. Thanks! I shall visit your blog soon.

    Someone is Special

  27. I wonder you love romance or romance loves you ..If you get what I mean :)
    you writing and romance blend so well, just like the understanding between the couple!!! :):)
    Just made me go aweeeeee!
    all the best dear

  28. such a cute post ! and yes as saru has said you already have the votes of the female readers :) thanks for commenting on my blog . . hope you win ! :) all the best for the contest :)

  29. @ ashzzes

    I wonder the same Aish :) Thank you....... Sweet girl :)

    Someone is Special

  30. @ maliny

    I'm glad, glad and glad to be supported by all female readers here. Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your wishes... I'll be glad if I win this contest because it's been a while I won a contest :)

    Someone is Special

  31. Such posts can make anyone go "AWWW". :P
    Beautifully written. I actually went along with the story, smiling occasionally in between. Sorry, but I am a hopeless romantic. :P
    Great posts. Cheers

    1. You are hopeless romantic? Google it bro :) Thanks a lot for you sweet comment. I am really happy!!!

  32. Such a nice flow of events with perfect correlation with the past posts...:-)
    'Everything will be okay Sweetheart, Love you so much!' I whisper in her ears and she smiles broadly.

    Best lines..

    1. Thanks a lot Caspar.. I am glad I could write a sweet post :) Happy you loved those lines :)

  33. You are really a great husband, 'Someone is special' really!

    'soak no more', but soak in love always. :)

    1. Thank you so much Gayatri.. keep visiting for more..

  34. Guess you have a lot of female supporters(count me as one among them), bcoz its exactly the type of husband each and every one wants..
    Its beautifully written, which holds u tight to read till the end without disappointment,... keep it up... good luck my friend


    1. A comment from a person who is the reason behind starting this blog. The lone reader of the blog in the initial days and my best friend of all time.. Thanks a lot DEVIL...

  35. Suppose a movie is made... or should I say long time saw a movie...
    Perhaps, its truly bad of me that i have read this post too earlier yet forgot to comment!! May be everytime i read i dream i get speechless when i wake up ;)
    Lovely & you know it ... :)

    1. Thank you so much creator.. I am really happy to read your encouraging words. happy man.. :)

  36. congrat saravana celebrate your 350is miles i am happy to part in this celebration your words make me impress thanks to gives this oppr tome dear friend

    1. Thanks a lot friend.. Keep coming here for more..


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