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What can a sharp mind and fiery tongue can do in a sticky situation

This post won in ‘Sets You On Fire’Contest, organized by IndiBlogger in association with KFC. I thank all the sweethearts for selecting my post as one of the winning entries. Thank you for your support. Happy Man.. Thank you thank you thank you...

Once again you made love with your dream girl’ her words resonated with huge excitement. ‘Of course I did’ I said, on hearing my words she started to blush, so she stayed away from webcam. ‘Ohi… Please do not imagine yourself in that situation. Come inside the webcam frame.’ I said. ‘Nah... I did not’, but her eyes told she indeed imagined herself in that situation. ‘So you are going to write about your dream!’ her question sounded like an answer. ‘No. I lost the interest in writing.’ I said. She was surprised on hearing me so she was bugging me to reveal the reason for my statement. I said, ‘I am person who write to find peace in life or to share my happiness but after landing in London, I found neither, moreover I miss my mom because it is almost ninety days since I ate the delicious healthy food cooked by my mom and that’s pretty much the reason.’ She did not reply a word because she is in the same situation and that made her eyes upset, so in order to cheer her up I changed the topic after a virtual friendly hug.

IndiBlogger has announced a new contest ‘SETS YOU ON FIRE’ in association with KFC’ I said, ‘KFC! Wow! I love KFC chickens, the best among the best.’ She said. ‘I could feel your love with KFC from your words’ I said. ‘Yeah! I love yummy fried chickens and KFC is the best.’ she said, and I felt the excitement in her eyes because eyes never lie.

Hello! Lost in my eyes?’ she questioned, I smiled, ‘Just kidding! Did you win in the ‘Dove’ contest?’ she questioned, ‘Of course I do… I won several hearts with my post and you are one of those hearts’ I said, ‘Of course! You have won my heart with your words, Mr. Writer!’ she said, I smiled; she smiled, and said ‘Let me ask a question and if you answer to this then you are the winner of this contest. What is the abbreviation of KFC?’ ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken, I think even little kids know this!’ I said, ‘He he he... Ok tell me about the contest.’ She said.

The contest is to describe an event where your sharp mind and fiery tongue got you out of a sticky situation.’ I said, she said, ‘Wait let me tell the story Mr. Romancer! The story line will be a writer narrating how his sharp mind and fiery tongue got him out of misunderstanding with his wife that his stories were true and he had many girlfriends.’ ‘He he he... That’s an old story my dear friend.’ I said, she smiled, and said, ‘Ok ok ok… I think… A cute little baby questioning his father on how much he love his mother and that too before his mother…

That's very sticky but... Nah... Enough of writing love stories and dreams. This time if I write I may write about a fiery funny incident happened in my college life, a story about my gang.’ I said, she said, ‘Fiery funny incident! Interesting, please narrate it to me... Please…’ ‘I would love to…’ I said, ‘Please go ahead, Mr. Writer’ she said.

Our college is known as central jail for its strict rules and regulations. Even if you forget to bring record to a lab, actually a small mistake but considered as criminal offense and that person internal marks will be screwed up and in the worst case he may be suspended for a week. In such environment we, a gang of ten raw students who are the best in studies, extracurricular activities, and mischief activities ruled the college. We neither bothered to stay as outstanding (out-standing) students nor about the suspensions. Actually, in the history of our college, we are the only batch who was never suspended, due to any mischief activities until that event happened.

Out-Standing, just like me.. C’mon tell me what happened…’ she said,

This incident happened exactly three and half years ago in my final semester. Anand (யானை), a fat sweet-hearted person who always creates a funny environment in our class once stuck in a sticky situation and was about to be fired out of my college but his sharp mind helped to get him out of the sticky situation.

Anand... or… ok continue…’ she said...

One of our college rules is either to write or to fill first two papers in the cycle or model test answer sheets or else they have to bring their parents to college. I know it is a stupid rule but what to do rules are rules and it has to be followed in my college.

Yeah... yeah... Rules are rules... I hate rules....’ she said…

We do follow rules for most of the papers but ISD (Information System Design) is an exception not because it is a dry subject but because of the stupid idiotic lecturer who handled that paper. She always irritate by assigning seminars because she don’t know even abs about that paper but she acts as if she knows everything and moreover even if we write the correct answers she evaluates poorly which adds fuel to the fire. Because of this reason, we planned to answer only for two papers for the model exams and as planned, we wrote our love stories for ISD Model exam but Anand went a step ahead, drew the lecturer picture in the answer sheet (PS: He is very good at this).

He drew the picture of your lecturer? OMG what happened then?’ her eyes awaited for my answer.

What can happen other than suspension? Simple isn’t it? Actually as soon as we came out of the examination hall, Anand revealed about this. I was little afraid because we have no suspension streak for the past three and half years despite our mischief activities but this time I had no hope. And as expected, our lecturer started evaluating our gang papers in the first break, as soon as she saw this she complained to our HOD.

OMG… What did you HOD say then? Don’t say your HOD asked him to meet principal’ she said.

As usual our HOD asked Anand and me (class rep) to report in his room. I was really tensed about the situation but Mr. Cool (Anand) was as usual stood like a pillar and our lecturer was firing at us about various issues that almost fried us as well as our HOD, he said, ‘What’s all this? Is this the way you behave in your final semester? Should I suspend you?’ I was literally dead because we do not have a loophole to escape out of this sticky situation but…

But... please tell me....’ she said.

But Mr. Cool’s sharp mind and fiery tongue did the trick. All of a sudden, Anand fired a question to our HOD. ‘Sir, Did you ever seen me bringing pen to the exams?’ ‘No... I myself have lend my pen on few occasions but you never gave it back’ HOD said. ‘Then how will I bring a pencil? Our mam challenged us that she will suspend us by cooking a story but I never thought she would cook such cheap stories.’ Anand Said and everyone started to think, I got the niche, so I started to shout at our mam, they shouted back at us, and we, almost like street dogs, finally HOD requested us to leave this issue.

We came out of the room smiling because his sharp mind and fiery tongue not only saved us to get out the sticky situation but also to maintain the streak of first and most mischief batch to pass out without any suspensions.

Wow, you guys have enjoyed your college days like anything....’ She said, ‘Yeah we did.’ I said, ‘Why don’t you write this incident for the contest.’ She said. ‘As I said I lost interest in writing so I am not sure’ I said

Please you should, and you will if you really love your dream girl’ she smiled. I smiled when I was about to press on Publish button and I hope you will smile when you read this post.

PS: I as a part of IndiBlogger, ‘Sets You On FireContest, have published this post. The contest is to, "Describe an event where your sharp mind and fiery tongue got you out of a sticky situation. Do leave your footprints to add a smile to my face..

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  1. Oh I wish you'd slow down when telling your story LOL... fiery indeed :) I'm glad you join in every event there is and you're pretty good at it. GOOD LUCK with this one :)

  2. Again with a blasting post! :D
    liked twisting turns in your story:)

    All the best for the Contest!

  3. Hmmm....You know what whenever you post I just enjoy reading it. And your stories have some charm about them like this one.

    And I guess, competitions are something that keep you going :)

    Nicely scripted, riveting write-up!

  4. :-D Fiery imagination, Saravana! Keep it up!

  5. LOL!!! Super cool post! Love your friend Anand aka Yaanai:P Good luck with the contest, brother!

  6. Wonderful read Saravana!!
    That must have taken a lot of courage to say that to the HOD!! What happened to your term works, I wonder :P
    Best Wishes for the contest :)

  7. Loved this post a lot, especially your style of writing..

  8. @ melissa

    Oh I wish you'd slow down when telling your story LOL... fiery indeed :) I'm glad you join in every event there is and you're pretty good at it. GOOD LUCK with this one :)

    Thank you so much.. Happy to have you here Melissa...

    Someone is Special

  9. @ Simran

    Again with a blasting post! :D
    liked twisting turns in your story:)

    All the best for the Contest!

    Thanks a lot Little one.. Let's see.. but seriously I don't have hope...

    Someone is Special

  10. @ Animesh Ganguly

    Thanks a lot Animesh, I would say it is not the competitions it is the comments from frends like you keeps me going.. SmileS..

    Someone is Special

  11. @ Vidya Sury

    :-D Fiery imagination, Saravana! Keep it up!

    Nandri.. I will stop by your blog soon....

    Someone is Special

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    Hmm.. Glad to read your comment DS.. Happy Man.. Thanks a lot for visiting..

    Someone is Special

  13. @ Cloud Nine

    LOL!!! Super cool post! Love your friend Anand aka Yaanai:P Good luck with the contest, brother!

    I am glad to have you here.. Happy..

    Someone is Special

  14. @ Geo Jolly

    Loved this post a lot, especially your style of writing..

    I am happy to read your comment.. Smiles and welcome to Few Miles..

    Someone is Special

  15. Hello congratulations for winning the kfc contest

  16. @ Seema

    Hello congratulations for winning the kfc contest

    Thank you so much Seema for your sweet words! Happy Man!

    Someone is Special

  17. Superhot fiery grilled post .


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