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Is falling in 'Love' once-a-lifetime feeling?

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Undoubtedly, ‘Falling in Love is once-a-lifetime feeling’. I am here to pen down my thoughts on this topic; if my thoughts hurt someone unknowingly then PS: I am sorry.

‘Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's called falling in love, because you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall.’

‘To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.’

‘Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; we love to love. - Leo Buscaglia’

I hope these sayings would suffice that falling in Love is once-a-lifetime feeling, but adding my thoughts right from my heart…

Love’ the four-letter word that spells magic on humans to live their life for someone special in their life, to feel someone’s feel, to think of someone, and to fall in love with someone madly.

* The moment you fall in ‘Love’, went on your knees to propose your love, the moment you were proposed by someone special, the moment you first kissed someone special or when butterflies filled your stomach while uttering the phrase, ‘I Love U’ are priceless. You cannot afford to buy those sweet moments and they can be felt only once in your lifetime. If it repeats, you won’t feel the same zeal in it.

* People run away from home or fight their parents, blood relations to live with someone special in their life. What is the reason behind it? ‘Love’ because it is once-a-lifetime feeling.

* Why people commit Suicides because of ‘Love Failure’ or for ‘Love’? Is it because there is no girl/boy in this world other than the one they loved? No, it is because ‘Falling in Love is once a lifetime feeling’; once they love someone, they remain in their heart forever. Stats, say that Current Average World Suicide Rate: 10.07 per 100,000 people and 6.7 per 100,000 people is because of ‘Love Failure’ or for ‘Love’

Last but not the least, ‘Love is like a flower, it blossoms only once, lives happily until it dies. For most of us it is like a flower, that’s why Falling in ‘Love’ is once-a-lifetime feeling.

With these sweet thoughts, I love to conclude that ‘Falling in Love is once-a-lifetime feeling’. Not everyone falls in love if you fall then you are one of the luckiest people in this world and words can never say how sweet it is...

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  1. I do not agree with this. Love comes in many shapes and forms. One would have to be lucky to find only one true love, which is a vague idea. An individual can fall in love many times over their lives. I loved my ex-wife when we went out and got married. But after our divorce, it changed more into a friendship form of love, do not hate her. Time has passed, and now I am in love with my girlfriend, and we plan on getting married. One true love is more of a fairy tale these days, but, if one can find that, good for them.

  2. HI Sis,

    So you are writing for the topic.. hmm.. i liked the quotes you have used..even the way you have represented the concept is good.. but like Buddha i have the same question.. what happens if we fall head over heels on someone.. marry and then turns out it is not working.. does that mean we can't love again?

    Here is my post..http://mydiary.varshasrikanth.com/2011/02/is-falling-in-love-one-time-affair.html

  3. I liked the post. You have elaborated the whole idea in a commendable manner. But i second what Buddha has said. People fail in love many times, they fall in and out of love. But that doesn't make any difference in the charm of 'love' ..


  4. Hello SiS

    It is very beautifull like a poetry...but unreal with full of fantasies.

    I join with Mr.Buddha and Varsha, because it leaves the other side blank.

    I cannot agree with you because it describes the addiction of love not actual fascination of love.

    Very good writing SiS and beautifull narration too :)All the best :D

    With luv

  5. Bro...you have written for the topic very well...
    but personally I don't believe in "Love - once-a-lifetime-feeling".....
    because once I was or I thought I was in love..the feelings you described...I felt them for her..but all my feelings along with me were rejected...and I have once acted like Devdas too...

    Since I definitely think I had a very strong attraction towards her..I believe it was love..I still have feelings for her even after 4 years of not seeing her...but I won't get her..so this does not mean I will never fall in love again...if that happens then what will happen to my wife...should I remain unmarried...???

    "Love"..is a relative term bro...how do you know you are in love...the way people feel when they say they are in love is the way shown in movies...it is the power of suggestion from childhood that has made us to think like that...we are conditioned in that way...to think and feel like that...

  6. @ Buddha

    Glad that you don't agree with my point and that is how a debate starts.. First, 'Love' can be different forms and shapes, I agree but still 'Falling in Love is once-a-lifetime feeling', you can feel the same zeal in your second time.. Always FIRST is the BEST in all sorts.. I accept that people break up with one and getting marry with next but somehow their first love will stay in their heart.. Because 'Falling in Love is once-a-lifetime feeling', Let us have a healthy debate here..

    Someone is Special

  7. @ RaNiiiiii

    Of course I always support 'Love', glad to know that you liked my take on the topic.. Well in that case, I don't think you won't find the same zeal again in your second love and I am sure you can't forget your first, truly and Heartly. Sure will visit yours by this weekend..

    Someone is Special

  8. @ Nostalgic

    Nostalgic, glad you liked the post and thanks for all the smiles.. PS: 'Love' is not a exam to fail in it, it is a feeling, only once you can feel the zeal in it.. and I agree that many people fall in and out of love but still the charm and passion you had for your first is always special..

    Someone is Special

  9. @ P-Kay

    Hi Pkay, it is great to see a person of my sort, one who encourages many with his/her words, reading and commenting, debating Wow! You are awesome.. Hmm, Glad you are on the other side, so let us debate.. You never get addicted to 'Love' and True Love will be only once and thanks for the smiles..

    Someone is Special

  10. @ Sumit Bro..

    First, thanks for your sweet words of encouragement..

    "because once I was or I thought I was in love..the feelings you described...I felt them for her..but all my feelings along with me were rejected...and I have once acted like Devdas too...ince I definitely think I had a very strong attraction towards her..I believe it was love..I still have feelings for her even after 4 years of not seeing her...but I won't get her." - It is a true love then, but PS, it is not good to be Devdas, instead live your life with the zeal and fire you got from your first..

    Practically speaking, you have get married and fall in love with your wife, but my point somehow your first love footprints will be with you forever, that is why "Fallin in Love is once-a-lifetime feeling"..

    Well, Love is not at all a term Bro, it is a feeling like God, you have to feel it bro..

    Someone is Special

  11. Though You have well illustrated your point, yet i don't completely agree. If love is a haapening that simply happens, it may happen time and again. Nice post.

  12. @ Jagdish

    I accept that Love can happen any time but will you feel the same zeal in it, if it repeats.. I don't think so, Falling in 'Love' is once a lifetime feeling for sure..

    Someone is Special

  13. Yet another romantic post from you.. 'Falling in Love is once-a-lifetime feeling' and you have penned it so well.. I completely agree with you.. Wish you win the contest..

  14. My dear SiS

    If the first love is forever, then the mother/parents may love their first kid.

    If the first love is forever, then the second married persons are cheating their spouse.

    If the first love is forever, then there will not be a Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi or a Mother theressa in this world.

    IF the first love is forever, then people may living in hell forver, if the first decision were wrong taken by them.

    If the first love is forever, then the majority of humanbeings may commit suicide in this practical world.

    If the first love is forever, then it will be the other form of selfishness.

    If the love that what you say, then love is not that love which is pure and divine. It will not be blind or unconditional.

    Dear SiS, my love is universal and it spreads everywhere like light and its fragrance will sterilize this materiallistic world with its supreme positiveness.

    So why we should imprison this divine feelings only for ourself ? Why should we keep it like Gin in the bottle of our heart ?

    Therefore I humbly requesting my friend to free it to this universe and share with every living thing in this world. Let us make it universal together to spread faith and harmony in this world. Will you be with me friend to complete this divine task ?

  15. the quotes are really beautiful....but one can fall in love more than once I think....though first love is always special...:)

  16. @ Bala

    Thanks for all the smiles.. Glad you are back to visit my blog.. Thanks for the wishes to win the contest...

    Somoene is Special

  17. @ P-Kay

    Wow! You are the sweetest person I have ever met in this blogosphere.. 'Love' is a feeling and it differs according to the situation and relations..
    I accept the divine love in the case of Parents, Jesus Christ, Mahatma, Mother Teresa, or the friendship has no bound and it can be 'N' in number.. but 'Falling in Love with someone special in your life is once-a-lifetime feeling'..
    I hope you accept with this.. don't you?

    Somoene is Special

  18. @ Sourav

    dude, you got the point, first love is always special.. once can fall in love many times but it won't be sweet as the first time.. that is why it is one a lifetime feeling..

    Somoene is Special

  19. beautiful sentiments SIS. Very precious feeling towards love, i believe exactly the opposite though but the beauty of your sentiments is above doubts.


  20. Completely agree with you SIS,since I am debating for the topic so I am totally convinced.The presention is really beautiful and write up is truly amazing.
    All the best and prove it on blogjunta too.

  21. How can I agree with you SiS ? You yourself stated it in the second paragraph of your post i.e., "Dont find love-let love find you. Thats why it is called falling in love. Because you dont force yourself to fall, you just fall."

    This line itself shows the strength of love. We are helpless in front of it. Whenever it comes to you, you have to surrender in front of that divine feeling. We dont fall, but just fall:)))

    Then how can we say the "Falling in love just once a life time feeling?" If it is not in our control? We fall everytime in front of love dear.

    I am still waiting for you friend :))) "Let us sing a song of evergreen love..and let the see the tune of love-together" ha ha ha ha.

  22. P.S: Thanks SiS for the appreciation and consideration:) There is no doubt that you are really someone special :) All the best :D

  23. @ trisha

    Thanks trisha but If you want to feel it should be first..

    Someone is Special

  24. @ Pratibha The Talent

    Thanks for all the smiles.. Glad to have in the same side.. Let us prove..

    Someone is Special

  25. @ P-Kay

    Buddy the point is 'Falling in Love is once a lifetime feeling'... that is why it is called as love and you won't forcefully fall, you just fall, then only you will find the zeal in it..

    Someone is Special

  26. @ P-Kay

    Thanks for the wishes.. Happy Man..

    Someone is Special

  27. hie SIS!
    there seems to be fueled up discussion going on here.
    ur post is no doubt sweet like the first love with beautiful quotes and wonderful pictures but I don't really feel convinced about it!
    1) first love maybe a memorable feeling but that doesnt mean ur 2nd and 3rd relation is not 'love'
    2) people who give up their lives for love don't prove that love is 'the most imp' thing in life instead for them life happens to hold a very limited meaning!

    kindly give ur views on my entry- http://www.sarah-malik.in/2011/02/one-loveone-time-naah.html

    good wishes :))

  28. No SiS. The real love do not have boundry and partialities. So falling in love is not once a life time feeling friend :))))

  29. Hey SIS,

    1) You are not hurting anyone's feeling and we are all looking forward to have a healthy debate.

    Having said that,
    I have to tell you, you are a pretty good writer.

    And your Haikus are doing a good job man

  30. @ Sarah

    Happy to know you liked the post.. Coming to points..

    1. As you accepted, first love is a memorable feeling.. 2nd and 3rd love can be in one's life but I don't think you can find the same zeal..

    You can find love many time in your life but you can't fall at it every time.. Best example would be the movie, "Vinnaithandi Varuvaya - Tamil" - "Ye may Chesthavu -Telegu" - and even in Hindi..

    2) 'Love is not the important thing in life but love is life..

    I had given my view on your post.. Based on your reply we will have a healthy debate.. What say?

    Someone is Special

  31. @ Md

    Thanks, even I am looking forward for a healthy debate...

    Happy Man.. Thanks... and Glad to know you are following my Haiku too..

    Someone is Special

  32. You have illustrated your point very well, but I don't feel that 'love is once in a life time feeling' - I think in today modern and materialistic society one can fall in love more than once!

  33. I disagree on the following points: 1. You say we fall in love, and my dear friend, fall is beyond one's control. If one falls once, there is no guarantee that he will not fall again. One simply falls and thats all.
    2. You say people commit suicide for the sake of their beloved. This happens because at that particular moment, he feels himself extremely attached to him or her, and committing suicide is the result of mindless or extreme emotions. People also commit suicide due to other distress also. Will we say that that feeling of distress only occur once ? Also, suppose if a person manages to survive the situation arising out of failure in love, will he not be able to fall in love again forgetting the lat episode.
    3. You say Flower blossoms on once. But dear, flower will blossom again the next season. We may lose the fragrance of that flower for some time but again it will be there. Same fragrance will arouse same feeling of love next time.
    So dear, since we fall in love, we may fall, no one knows, how many time.

  34. @ P-kay

    P-Kay I accept that the real love don't have boundary.. but it is for the love with one but now with many..

    PS: Your comment went inside the SPAM folder, just recovered it.. Thanks for all the smiles.. Hoping to see you regular..

    Someone is Special

  35. @ sayedkhadri

    First, welcome to Few Miles.. Glad to know that.. Hmmm, yeah it can happen but there are many people who still hold with their first love..

    Someone is Special


    * I accept your first point Jagdish, falling in love is beyond one's control.. but if you fall more than once then I don't feel it is true..
    * It is as a result of distress but one do that madness at only once because they don't want to love once again or fall in it..
    * Dear Jagdish for people like me it is like a flower, one blossoms it lives happily and dies but this won't hold true forever..
    We fall in love but only once you can feel the zeal, be it the aroma of the flower or any, only once you will have a passion..

    So falling in 'Love' is once a lifetime feeling...

    Someone is Special


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