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! The Haiku Challenge ! 28 days – 28 Haikus ! Day 15 - Solitude !

Alone in the night
Serene for the eyes, the
Solitude nature

Theme: Solitude

! おはよう  ございます  友人 !

Are you ready for The Haiku Challenge? The details are HERE, and the challenge enters Day 15 with this Haiku Post. Since I am in India, the challenge begins at 12 AM or 00:00 IST and goes on until GMT-08:30AM (i.e., the next day 02:00 PM or 14:00 IST), so all the time zones can participate in this challenge, three cheers to all the challengers! Write a Haiku with theme as, Solitude and share it in the comment section of this post or in the Linky if available.

Happy Haiku Challenge to you all!


Appologies for not reading your Haiku Post.. REASON: Feb 13th - My Nephew First Birthday Feb 14th & Feb 15th - I am enjoying my day in Native.. I will read Feb13,14,15th post on 16th for sure. Haiku oN!

Stay Tuned ! I have lot of surprises for you...

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