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February 05, 2011

GingerChai 55F - She Cries...

KING This post is published as an entry for the KING AND QUEEN OF 55F CONTEST – The first ever unique, challenge for the coveted title in micro fiction category. To catch the crowning moments and also be part of future editions and other contests, visit and register at Cafe GingerChai


She is an ardent admirer of nature, be it the pleasant smell of the soil, sweet rhythm of running water, taste of the raindrop, chillness of the morning dew, a mountain rock, unending sky, blossom of a bud, dance of a peacock or the fresh green leaves. She happily enjoyed each of these beautiful moments.


“Needy is more than greedy” an unusual saying from a heart that dreams. One such heart inspired many to dream, ideate and to live in it. The result is the invention of unimaginable technologies right from a small microchip to the huge satellites. They invaded the world just for the sake of priceless word ‘money’.

She cries…

She was happy to see many human beings around her changing the world for good by their used less brain. However, whatever they dreamt for good resulted in destroying the nature, the one she admired a lot. She requested them not to destroy her lovable ones but they never listened, instead left her in tears.

Image Credits: Mother Nature


  1. You have put a nice nature story as your entry, SiS.

    Mine is somewhat on similar lines. Sad you left her pleading, crying and in tears.

    Mine ended differently, on a positive note, with man taking to propagation, thus restoring what he had destroyed in the name of progress.

    All the best for the contest!

  2. this post is really beautiful. Loved all three the descriptions- you have given them their real meaning and beauty.

  3. The concept was good, and refreshing. I could have never thought of writing on a topic like this. If you don't mind some constructive criticism, I feeleach 55-er is supposed to be a 'complete little story on its own', which I feel could be worked on a little more. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  4. Hey sarvana,
    good contest. And beautiful stories. All three were evident of effort :)
    all the best for the king- ship of 55 fictions. And great work at haikus challenge. Loved all till now and looking forward to more to come as days pass

  5. I just came to know about this contest through you..nice .Wonderful concept given.You have written your story with a message too,liked it!!...(I just came to know that SIS is saravana kumar..lol.I thought you were a girl before ;))

    Best of luck for the contest!

  6. Such a gorgeous nature !!

    Well tried,good effort.


  7. @ Rumya

    Rumya, Glad to know that.. Thanks for all the smiles.. Hmmm, just read your entry, you wrote too good, death, burial and rebirth.. Here the entire thought is to convey the readers that she pleads, cries in tears, but no one is listening to her.. of course that is wht happening in reality but I am sure one day reverse process will happen and everything will be restored to rest.. Hmm Thanks for the smiles and all the best to you to..

    Someone is Special

  8. @ trisha s

    Thanks Trisha, happy to hear those sweet lines from you..

    Someone is Special

  9. @ writerzblock

    Glad to know that writerzblock.. Thanks for the constructive criticism and I love people criticising me because that is what helping me to grow.. Hmmm if you consider the sub topic separately and read it in differnt mind sets then I hope it is a complete little story on its own, if not still, then surely I will try to surprise you with a better 55.. Thanks and always welcome..

    Someone is Special

  10. @ Deepika

    Yes Deepika, thanks for the sweet comment.. Happy to read your words you now.. and thanks for the wishes to win the crown.. Hmmm pleasure to have you and I am sure you will have many more from me to treasure and enjoy..

    Someone is Special

  11. @ uma.a

    Thanks uma, glad you liked it.. Hmm SiS is always Someone is Special, hmm is it.. Oh.. You are the fourth blogger misinterpreting SiS as a Girl.. Hmmm.. I love to stay as Somone is Special forver..

    Thanks for the wishes..

    Someone is Special

  12. @ Gyanban

    of course Nature is gorgeous.. Thanks for the smiles..

    Someone is Special

  13. Saravana...
    Your 55 was fantastic!
    It truly captured the essence of the 55.
    Your entry should do well!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Wek-End...Galen

  14. @ G-Man

    Thanks for all the smiles.. Pleasure is mine..

    Someone is Special

  15. Hey SiS,

    "Priceless word ‘money’"

    There's lots of meaning in this. Nice choice of words

    Deep thought dude!!!

  16. @ Maniac

    Hey SiS, "Priceless word ‘money’" There's lots of meaning in this. Nice choice of words Deep thought


    Maniac, a happy man here.. Thank you so much for recognizing my efforts here.. Thank you thank you ..

    Someone is Special

  17. how true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. @ shweta

    how true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    very true.. Thank you so much for your sweet words..

    Someone is Special


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