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#200* - The Sweet Milestone

Here I invite the very special Ji to pen down my 200th post....

It is all yours Ji....

The day is clean, calm, and bright,
the turn of years,
The sky blinks with its wet eye,
the joyful tears.

when the page turns,
life is full of deserted roses,
when virtue wins,
The door to the houseful sins closes.

Time will always tell,
Let the seasoned timber show.
Never give,
Masterfully live.

PS: Someone is Special asked me to write his 200th post, Wow, an awesome honor, I fear to disappoint with my random work, yet here I am, tried and hope that you don't dislike it.

Someone is Special is someone who is super special at Jingle poetry Community and Thursday Poets Rally, he always has positive attitude, encouraging comments, and absolutely talented and eloquent writing styles, I surely enjoyed his professionalism and friendship...he has made extraordinary progress in his poetry writing, short fiction writing, and community leadership facilitation...Keep it up...We all enjoy your company and love your work both in your personal space and in our shared community.

Let 200th post concludes your blogging success and send you on your way to bigger, better, and healthier journey in wriitng, community building, and more...

Someone is Special Rocks!

Thanks Ji for this wonderful post, pleasure to have you here.. Smiles....

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  1. Congrats Sis.. 200th post.. great going!

  2. Congrats SIS!Keep going!
    Wonderful poem penned down by Jingle :)

  3. Congrats SIS and Jingle you did a pretty good job as usual :)

  4. Congratulations SiS on crossing yet another milestone!! Wish you the very best!!

  5. Awesome milestone, SiS and eloquent tribute, Jingle! Congrats ... onward to the next one! ~becca~

  6. Congratulations, SIS!

    And I just think that is the sweetest thing in the world that you asked Jingle to write your 200th posting. How generous of you and an honor for Jingle. A beautiful poem, Jingle, that touched my heart. What a wonderful friend you are to so many.


  7. Yay! 200! And what a wonderful way to honor both the milestone and Ji. You bring light to the community.


  8. wow!!

    SUPER!!! :D

    im so jealous of ji...

    200!!! :D :D

    congrats on it...

    and ji ur work is not random.. it's nice :)

  9. wonderful write Jingle :)

    Congrats SiS, keep up the awesome work.

  10. congratulations SIS. What a lovely way to celebrate a great achievement and a great friend.

    Jingle is special to all of us, so are you.


  11. Many thanks for posting,
    hope you a lovely day.

    offline until now, will be back in the evening....

    Happy 200th post.

    keep it up.

  12. Aww...that's lovely, SiS...
    Heartiest Congratulations on your 200th... And may your journey get better with every passing moment...

    Your humility and gratitude simply go on to say how sweet a person you are... stay thus, my friend.. May your smile never fade...

  13. @ RaNiiiiii

    Thanks RaNii for the sweet wishes, pleasure to have you here.

    Someone is Special

  14. @ Iwrite4u

    Thanks for the smiles.. Yeah Ji at her best...

    Someone is Special

  15. @ lynnaima

    Lynnaima, thanks for the wishes... and Ji is as usual outstanding..

    Someone is Special

  16. @ Nanka

    Thanks Nanka, with your wishes love to explore more..

    Someone is Special

  17. @ beccagivens

    thanks becca for the sweet wishes.. and of course Ji is the best..

    Someone is Special

  18. @ bodhirose

    Thanks for the wishes Gayle.. IT is the sweetest thing, Happy man for that..

    Someone is Special

  19. @ Cloaked Monk

    Thanks Cloadke Monk for the wishes.. Pleasure is mine, Thanks Ji for the smiles..

    Someone is Special

  20. @ Harshika

    Thanks Harsh for all the smiles.. Jealous Hmmm!
    Thanks for all the smiles and yeah this is not a random work for sure..
    It is awesome..

    Someone is Special

  21. @ Dishilicious

    Thanks Dishi for all the smiles..

    Someone is Special

  22. @ trisha

    Thanks Trisha for the sweet smiles.. Pleasure to have you and yeah of course Ji is always a special friend..

    Someone is Special

  23. @ haikulovesongs

    Thanks for all the smiles..

    Someone is Special

  24. @ Jingle

    Oh is it Ji, Hope everything is fine.. Hmm Ji Thanks for all the smiles and with your blessing I love to explore more.. Thanks Ji once again..

    Someone is Special

  25. @ Kavita

    Thanks Kavi for the smiles.. You are so sweet, and smiles for the wishes.. Thanks friend..

    Someone is Special

  26. @ Aleza

    Thanks Aleza for all the smiles.. So sweet to have you here..

    Someone is Special

  27. Congratulations SIS!
    Thats great to pen down your 200th! And a nice way to have Ji play a part in it.
    Keep rocking!

  28. @ hemarao

    Thanks hema for the sweet wishes.. "Happy Man"..........

    Someone is Special


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