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Wow ! What a day !

Wow! What a day it was? It started when I met Balaganesh of Linger Print Expert and Aswin of The Utopian in IndiBus. Although we took the long route, we reached the venue before the meet actually started. Just an hour of travel but it was one of my memorable travel as I met one of my best friends in blogosphere, Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason. After reaching Iskon Temple, we were given a warm welcome by IndiBlogger team followed by the registration formalities and that is when Leo introduced Shravan Ragunath. As usual, I went to sit in the last bench but after seeing Leo went and sat in the middle rows. Suddenly I heard a voice that welcomed us and followed by a video about Akshaya Patra. I thought it would be some crap stories but the video made me realize what is Akshaya Patra, Hats off for the wonderful work done by Akshaya Patra, I love to call them of ‘Mother’ of ‘Mothers’. Wow! What a video? What a speech? Hats off once again Akshaya Patra...

I introduced myself with the blogging friends who sat nearby me, suddenly one of my best blogging buddies name popped up, Zainab Urooj of Scattered Thoughts and it was a memorable moment as this was the first time I met her. Based on the suggestion from Lakshmi Rajan of Ginger Chai about the one-minute intro, IndiBlogger Team surprised 60 lucky bloggers to spell out their fame. Although I was not lucky to be in the list my lucky blogging friend, Zainab made me fly with the sweet words about me in her intro. ‘He always supports and inspires me a lot. He writes at Few Miles, Thanks Zainab for the sweet words, I never expected that. After the intro session, we had our lunch, Prasatham (Divine food by Akshaya Patra).

Behind the Back’, a lovely initiative by IndiBlogger that helped me to connect with as many blogging friends as possible and to know about them within the short span of time. In addition, I thank all of them for their wonderful comments. I love you all a lot. Here are some of the comments I loved...

‘Thank you so much for all your support’ – Zainab Urooj of Scattered Thoughts
‘Hope you get that someone special’ – Aswin of The Utopian
‘good to see someone’ – Shravan of The Graveyard of my own Thoughts.
‘Be a special person’ - @desibond of Bandla's Blog
‘Hi Enjoy’ - Thousif Raza of Soul Space
‘Happy Blogging’ - Sagar Shah
‘Nice to Meet ‘U’’ - Dipa Chakraborty of Compressed soliloquy
‘Happy Blogging’ – Senthil of Senthil's Blog
‘Nice to Meet ‘U’’ – Harsha Chittar of Voices in my Head
‘Wish you all the very best’ – Mil.. (PS: I couldn’t find your name)
‘all the best’ – http://www.yoursdigitalspace.com/
‘Nice to meet U’ – Anonymous
‘House-full?’ – Anonymous
‘Keep Blogging – Enjoy Blogging’ - Lakshmi Rajan of Ginger Chai
‘All the best! God Bless’ – Anonymous
‘Always be special’ – Vinki
‘Nice to meet ‘U’ – Arun of Trinities.info
‘Hello ! Nice to meet u ’ – Prathiba Mohanty
‘Always be good or I’ll put you in Jail’ Rashi of The Rocky Road
‘All the best! Publish a book of your someone special’ – Manish of Layers 7
‘Have fun Blogging’ – Anupama of I Think ...Therefore I Am
‘Thank you for Blogging’ – Anonymous
‘Happy Blogging’ - GTRICKS.COM
‘Keep Rocking’ – Vinutha N of My Goof Your Grain

And lot more friends left their twitter handle and blog URL in my sheet but that are not clear for me to read. Sorry friends I love you all. Thanks for all the smiles and IndiBlogger Team thanks for this...

Well, I thought ‘Behind the Back’ would be most excited part of the day but Anwin made the debate ‘Blogging – Social Communities – a complimentary or not?’ more interesting with live summary and points. Thanks for all of them who participated in. ‘I enjoyed it a lot’

“Last but not the least – the T-shirt”, nice feel good t-shirt thanks IndiBlogger Team. Well my first meet became the memorable meet. Thanks once again IndiBlogger Team, ‘IndiMeet Rocks’ and special thanks to Akshaya Patra.. You people are rocking !

Love to meet and make more friends in future...

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  1. Great journey and you did finally meet all your buddies and idols!! Liked all your details here SIS!!

  2. Nice write up on meet and bloggers you have come across.

  3. @ Nanka

    Yeah yeah Nanka..I met my sweet special ones but missed many ppl.. :-( :-)


    Someone is Special

  4. @ S R Ayyangar

    Thanks Sir, it was nice to have you here..

    Someone is Special

  5. A great summary of that lovely day when we all met..:) and thanks for giving space to my comment along with others on your blog SiS!!
    All the very best ... !!!!

  6. Thanks for visiting trinities.info and leaving your comments--much appreciated. You have a wonderful blog! Keep visiting my blog..

  7. Hey.. Nice blog you have.. :)

    & i actually like your signature.. :P

  8. wow...I wish to meet my blogger friends some day too... :)

  9. @ Aswin

    Thanks for stopping by Aswin.. Happy to have you here..

    Someone is Special

  10. @ Pratibha Mohanty

    It is my pleasure to have you here Prathiba.. Thanks for visiting..
    It was a day to remember...

    Someone is Special

  11. @ vikrant

    Sure vikrant and it is my pleasure to have you here..

    Someone is Special

  12. @ Arpit Rastogi

    Pleasure to have you here.. Thanks for visiting and also for liking my signature..

    Someone is Special

  13. @ Sumit Sarkar

    Even I wish to meet you all soon.. Pleasure to have you here Sumit..

    Someone is Special

  14. nice to know you experienced a moment in heaven, with all like minded people surrounding you, although i am feeling sad now i missed it, thanks indiblogger team for organizing such a great gettogether event !
    nice post summarizing the event good for those who missed the event. thanks SIS for this post !

  15. @ sunil

    Glad to read those words.. Happy that I met in my company.. Would like read more of your works..

    Someone is Special


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