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Why just see? Why don’t we think? Why not act?.... What say?

Today I sat down to pen down a post about an incident that happened in Bangalore, one of the busiest cities in India. The city is not only known for its climate and IT industries but also for Traffic, The Heavy Traffic.

On Jan 1st, I heard a teen-aged guy screaming for help to save his girl who had been hit by a lorry badly. Not even single good hearted people stopped at once to help him as they do not want to waste their first day of the year just by saving a life.”

How did the accident happen?’ – As you all know teen-age is the age for speed and love. The guy tried to overtake the lorry via its left side, dashed with it without his knowledge, that made the girl to fly in the air and dashed the ground with her head. Blood gushed from her skull in seconds. The guy escaped with few minor injuries as he was wearing a HELMET.

Is she alive?’ – In that moment, my instincts conveyed me that she is no more.

Why no one called the ambulance?’ – Because no one even stopped to help him then how can you expect him or her to call for an AMBULANCE?

What am I doing there’ – I could not help, because I am not a Superman to fly from the flyover to service road. However, the least help I could do is to call ambulance, I did that and sped my bike to reach the place.

I could find neither the guy nor the girl. All I could see was the bike and few auto-rickshaw guys were saying some “Elli... bla bla...” I could not understand any as I have a language problem. I mean I do not know to converse in Kannada. With my butler Hindi, I came to know that the girl is taken to near by hospital just before few minutes and there is very less chance for that girl to survive.

“Just before minutes?... But I called ambulance before twenty minutes,” I shouted at one of the auto-rickshaw guys. Learnt that there was a huge traffic near the flyover and that  could be the reason for the delay in reaching the spot.

I could not stop myself saying that she will be fine after hearing them. I raced my bike to the hospital, met that guy, and learnt she is no more and that she would have survived if they had reached the hospital ten minutes before the actually reached. My heart stopped for a second as a life is no more in this world. A teen-aged girl is no more in this world.

Hours before she was happily smiling thinking of the life, she is going to live. A day before I met the same people in the mall playing like a kid with the popcorn.

Now she is no more...

Whose pain is more?

• Is it for the GUY?
• Is it for the LORRY DRIVER?
• Is it for the PEOPLE who never bothered to stop?
• Is it for the AMBULANCE?
• Is it for the PEOPLE who never care to give way for the ambulance?
• Is it for doctor who said that she is no more?
• Is it for GIRL’s MOM who carried the girl to this world after 300 days?

I say that it is for her MOM, as it was her princess and she is no more in this world.

Whose mistake was this?

• The GUY who rode the bike at an uncontrollable speed
• The LORRY DRIVER who not even bothered to stop the vehicle
• The stone-hearted PEOPLE who crossed them thinking that they shouldn’t spoil their day
• The AMBULANCE that didn’t reach at the correct time
• The CAR, TWO WHEELER, AUTO, BUS and LORRY that never gave the way to ambulance to reach on time
• The GOVERNMENT that never took any steps to tackle this Traffic Jam.
• ON THE OTHER HAND, The God who decided her fate.

Some say it is the mistake of the GUY, some say it is the LORRY DRIVER, some say it is PEOPLE, some say AMBULANCE, Some say GOD...

I say it is ‘ALL’. ‘Everyone has to be punished’

‘Is that possible?’ - ‘No ways because they call this as a accident’

‘What can be done?’

• ‘To ride the bike slow – Most of the guys never do that’
• ‘To request the LORRY DRIVER to drive slow – They never do that’
• ‘To request people to help – Well it has to be in human nature’
• ‘To give training for AMBULANCE driver to fly the vehicle – Not at all possible’
• ‘To blame the GOD – Where is the God’
• ‘To request GOVERNMENT – yes this can be done’


'How this will help? - It will help AMBULANCE to reach in time - A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE'

Well this request from me to the GOVERNMENT, “Please assign a separate lane for Ambulance & Fire Engines in service road”. I hope you people will join me in reaching this request to as many people as possible... I hope and I have faith in my blog pals...

Why we just ignore these accidents? Why don’t we think to minimize? Why not act by sharing this idea (I know this idea would have come to many people who care about the people they love and to many bloggers and I am not a exceptional to pen down this but from a hurt heart perspective I am doing this.... What say?

PS: I know the pain that it gives to the family and the person as I personally felt. My Best friend (Blind) lost her lover in an accident, the pain is immeasurable and the outcome is tears and nothing else. Nevertheless, today he sees this world through her eyes. Read about the incident here...

Catch the same hot discussion in FB Why just see? Why don’t we think? Why not act?.... What say?

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  1. this is really sad! I was once witness to an accident.. well, I didn't see it happening.. i reached that light a few minutes after it must've happened, cuz an ambulance was already on the way
    but I have a feeling that it was already too late.. cuz I very clearly remember seeing just a battered head :(
    I wish the infrastructure is improved so as to handle traffic better.. it's never too late for improvement

  2. Ah, such a heart break. But you have written well and compassionately about it. Thanks, SIS.

  3. This is heartbreaking. Her parents lost there princess! Because of the guy who was meant to take care of her? Or that stupid drunk lorry driver? Or the insensitive people?- who ever is responsible, whats done is done. And yes, i am with you in this fight against ignorance. Do publish this post on fb as well.

  4. You showed fine personal qualities of high moral principles and ideals SIS !!

    Bravo and you did right.

    God does not overlook such acts of humanity and care.

    Bless you!!

  5. SiS,
    am back again, i promised i would. you give to me the side of the world i cannot see,am scared of bikes but would love to own one... I live in Kenya an dhave seen a man hit by a car..(we are having a superhighway construction) and the car was even damaged . it was a death hit. I was so scared and have been intending to talk to my Vice Chancellor at campus about Thika road which seem to have to most black spots in Kenya or even organize a demo... but am afraid coz that would even mean being expelled..

    who is to blame for the man's death??? in my case i would say , t he govt' they haven't thought about the pedestrian during the construction. crossing a eight lane road that is a highway is a suicide attempt. butlife has to go on....

    I love this post mafde me realise , maybe i may not hold the demo, but i can use my web space to make people aware and make them question....

    P.S was in shock and could not even do anything to help the man... and a crowd was already milling around....

    Thanks for a thought evoking piece!!!

    Let's stay literary connected.

    Love and Light

  6. hey,

    Its sad, but to tell the truth many more people die on the roads everyday and no one gives a anything about it.
    Probably a word here and a word there and at the end they forget them all.

    yes much could be done in improving the services available now, you gave some of those ways.
    Good going. :)

  7. This bring memory when i had visited india about 5 years back we were coming back from our vilalge at night and a accident happened, its the MAIN GT ROAD, Millions of vehicles go up and down YET NO ONE would stop.. We carried the poor guy to a nearby city But that was almost after about half an hour after , so many were ahead of us , they all slowed down to see the accident but none wiuld stop..

    No police no ambulances nothing .. no one gave a F___ about it as they were all heading to there homes , no one wanted to bother ...
    we got the guy admitted in hospital and went on towayrd our place I dont know if he survived or not.. but i ma sure no one wud have taken him he wud have definitely died , I remeber my suit was all red ..

    A good post I hope people start to be kinder to a fellow human being .. the wolrd will be a better palce to live in


  8. This is really a heart touching incident friend and thanks for your kind help to them but am sorry that even though u tried to save her she was passed away.....

    A Strange Incident And Dont know exactly when life ends since,yesterday they were in park playing each other and today....
    sooo bad,plz frnds drive bikes very slow.

  9. @ Kavita

    Oh is it.. It is hard to take.. Of course i wish it should be changed.. Everyone should first feel on how hurting is this..
    Then they should act.. Thanks for the support Kavita.. You are sweet..

    Someone is Special

  10. is it real?

    I know this does happen, especially in developing countries..people simply indifferent,

    powerful highlight.

    if everyone thinks that that person is a family member or relative, then things would be different...

    sad reality.
    well done.

  11. @ Jamie Dedes

    Thanks Jamie for all the support.. Hoping to make a small difference..I think it is possible if all support this.

    Someone is Special

  12. @ Nanka

    Thanks Nanka for the support.. Happy to know that.. Looking forward for your support in helping me in reaching people.. Thanks..

    Someone is Special

  13. @ gracefulglider

    Glad to have you back here.. Thanks for that.. The world is full of people who never care about others..
    Happy man as I could create aware of this issues.. Thanks for all the support..

    Someone is Special

  14. @ Anurag

    well said, yes it is happening everywhere.. What to do? We can just write about this.. But it is the people who should help us to reach as many people as possible..

    Someone is Special

  15. @ Bikramjit..

    Hats off for your work.. Happy man to know about you. Everyone should correct themselves to create a peaceful world..
    Thanks Bikram for all the support..

    Someone is Special

  16. @ saikrishna

    of course it is Sai.. We dunno what is life..thanks for your support.. Smiles..

    Someone is Special

  17. @ Jingle

    Yes ji, it is. What can I do other than writing here.. It is up to people to support me.. Thanks for all the support Ji..
    Let us see how we can reach people.. Thanks once again Ji..

    Someone is Special

  18. So sad a story, poor girl. Rage overtakes me when I hear how the system for some things just don't work! And how come you will see an accident on the road and will not stop to se f you could be helpful? What kind of people are that? I'm sorry you had to go through such a story! Thanks for sharing! May the girl rest in peace!

  19. @ deepika..

    Yes deepika, they lost their princess.. How hurting it would.. Oh God.. Sorry the comment sat inside the SPAM folder that is the reason I couldn't see it..
    Thanks for the suggestion.. I had published in my FB wall.. Do check it out..

    Someone is Special

  20. @ scentofmyheart

    May the girl rest in peace.. It will be painful for their parents for sure..

    Someone is Special

  21. This is so sad bro...
    I appreciate your help...
    you are right..ambulances should be allowed to run on a different lane...

    I am sorry to hear the loss of your friend...

  22. @ Sumit Sarkar

    Of course they should have a separate lane for sure.. Thanks Sumit for linking in.. Thanks much..

    Someone is Special

  23. Totally get you. Multiple brushes with accidents in my case.

    It was one such incident that prompted me to write this...


    After 2 plus years, I am still clueless as to how this issue could be resolved.

  24. OMG, this is bad.. I hope you are fine Aswin.. Take care and be safe..

    Someone is Special


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