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! Accident Born Love - A Miracle Destiny !

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After reading this mail, I thought to pen down the miracle that happened in Vivek and Vidya’s life. I have to say it is a miracle destiny, an Accident Born Love!

Here comes a miracle love story in their voices…

“I will be there in ten minutes…” I said, “Eagerly waiting to see you...,” she said, I smiled, hung up the call and raced on my bike dreaming about my angel in my thoughts. I wished not to stop dreaming until I meet her. Suddenly, a lorry came on the opposite side; I sighted it late, applied the brake powerfully... But…

“Somebody wants you… Somebody needs you… Somebody dreams about you every…” My mobile continuously rang that special ring tone for her... Somebody picked the call after few seconds, ‘Madam…’ A brief pause followed. ‘A guy aged around 23 to 25 has been badly hit by a lorry near our tower… I hope he will survive, and we are on our way to SMF… ‘And that is what I heard lastly…

My heart stopped for a second as the heart I love, the reason for my existence was in trouble ’I should help him in some way’, I, Vidya said to myself after the call. I could not stop myself, my instincts ordered me to visit the hospital and so I did. I enquired the receptionist about the recent accident case and rushed to the place as directed by them.

“We badly need blood, AB-ve, that too within half an hour” I heard a voice; I suppose it must be the doctor’s voice. I rushed to the room shouting that I am willing to donate blood and even my blood group is AB-ve. After a few tests, they finalized, made me lay on the bed parallel to his, and that was when the love in me reached him. Actually, it was his blood and I was donating it back to him. Yes, exactly six months before then I met with an accident, a terrible bike accident and that was when our love story started, a sweet love story…

Vivek, a kind-hearted person rescued me from the accident spot, admitted me in the hospital, and donated the precious, priceless blood of his to save me. I was unconscious when all this happened but luckily, my parents noted his contact details, and that is how he was introduced into my life. After my recovery, I contacted him via sms, I hope the first sms I sent was, “Thanks for giving me a new life” and it rooted to all this. I mean this love, the plan to meet him at the tower, or maybe if I hadn’t sent that message then today he wouldn’t have been here in this situation. Or is this the wish of God, I never know…

The doctors came in, removed the tubes, and thanked me for the kind help. I had no words to say but said to myself that I donated his blood to himself.

“Hey! I am Siddesh; I rescued this guy from the accident spot to admit here. I am the one who spoke with you,” Sid said, I thanked him from all my heart with a huge smile conveying that he saved my twin soul. “I couldn’t reach anyone from this mobile as it is password locked,” he said, I smiled, “I could help you because the password is none other than my name,” I said, unlocked it, informed his friends and parents. I also enquired about him, learnt that he is a writer, blogger by passion, and a Software Engineer by Profession.

The conversation continued, “You must be an angel sent by God”, Sid said, ‘Is it?’ “Of course, you have saved a person by donating blood” he said, I smiled, “I donated the same blood that he donated me six months before,” He looked at me with a shock, “Wow! This might be an interesting one,” he said, “Do you wish to learn about our story?”, “Pleasure is mine,” He said. And I narrated the things that happened until I sent that message, the first message. Suddenly a drop of tear came rolling down my cheeks, “Hey, Are you ok?” he asked, “If I had not sent that message, today he wouldn’t have been put in this situation”, “What is the connection between the two?” He asked…

“Our Friendship started with that message, later it rooted in to possessiveness and finally the magical word spelled upon us. Though we both have not revealed the same, we loved each other within our soul; I would say Vivek is my twin soul, my best half, my… He is mine I want to live my life with him”. I said those with tears rolling down now and then from my eyes and heart. Wiping the tears from my eyes, I continued, “In the past six months we discovered what our positive is, negative, what is common between us and who we are for the other.” I stopped, took my kerchief to wipe the tears, “after a lot of thoughts today we planned to meet at the tower but God decided the other way and made me to meet him in the same place, same situation that he met me first” I couldn’t speak more as I was filled with tears…

“Hey stop crying… Please… All is well… Please…” Sid said. A woman came running towards Sid, hugged and thanked him, then to me, hugged me, conveyed her happiness for saving her son’s life. Sooner his friends, relatives, neighbours reached the hospital and thanked Siddesh and me for saving Vivek’s life.

“See may be this moment can change your life. Now even their parents, friends and relatives love you...” Sid said, left the place with that positive message. It made me think that this is what miracle is, an accident born love..?

I left the hospital after hearing the message that he is out of danger. I had a reason to smile and that reason was the words said by Sid… May be this is what miracle is, I once gain reconsidered it.

“Where I am…” I questioned myself, opened my eyes, saw an angel sitting near me with eyes closed… I whispered her name, “Vidya” that made her shout in happiness. I proposed her at that moment and in response a huge shout “I too love you dear” from her.

“Probably this is what a miracle destiny is!” I said. She smiled; she looked at me with a perfect smile conveying her deep love. It relieved all the pain that I gone through these days…

I was discharged after a week of medication followed by a complete check up. I was very much happy as my parents too liked Vidya, accepted our love and so her parents too. May be, ‘this is what is called as miracle’ I messaged her, She replied as ‘Accident Born Love – A Miracle Destiny’.

This entry is in response to the "CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE INDIAN SOUL - A BOOK OF MIRACLES" contest organized by BlogAdda, the GOLDEN opportunity to get our story published in the Book of Miracles - Raksha Bharadia

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  1. Amazing story. Fairytale? :)
    its indeed a huge coincidence and a game of luck for both if its true. Beautiful one.

  2. Amazing story. Fairytale? :)
    its indeed a huge coincidence and a game of luck for both if its true. Beautiful one.

  3. @ Deepika

    Glad to hear those beautiful words from you.. Deepika, you are so sweet, why don't you try your hand at Haiku?

    PS: It is a real story and it happened in chennai, India. For personal and security reasons I have penned with a fake name and mail id. If you can closely look in my FB friends list you can find them..

    I love to pen down more of real life stories that happened either in my life or of others with their permission.

    Someone is Special

  4. @ Deepika

    Once again thanks...

    Someone is Special

  5. I see ur jan filled with haikus nice :) i am bit bad at it so cdnt participate :)

    BTW award waiting for u at my blog. Do visit :)

  6. SG, Long time no see.. Thanks for the smiles.. I collected the precious gift from your blog..

    Someone is Special

  7. No wordssss to say
    they must be so grateful couple
    Thanks 2u2 reveal their Miracle love to us
    my best wishes to them to live hapily
    Keep going

  8. Thanks Sir for the Wishes you brought to my life via these people. I owe you a lot sir.

  9. @ Raja

    Thanks a lot Bro for your sweet words of encouragement.. SmileS..

    Someone is Special

  10. @ Ragu

    Pleasure is mine, thanks for allowing me to share your story.. Hope you are enjoying your life now..

    Someone is Special

  11. @ sis ....
    lovely read...liked it a lot:)

  12. @ ashzzes

    @ sis ....
    lovely read...liked it a lot:)

    Thanks aish.. Happy!


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