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Taking a break

“OMG… Why this system never gives me output?” I switched off the PC and started to home…

“grrrrrrgrrrrrrr... grrrrrrgrrrrrr”

“Hello… Please talk to me... Please… Why you are not picking the call?”

“Is everything alright?”

“What alright… Nothing is right… see the time I am reaching home… It is 12 30 PM… I won’t be able to find food for me… I need to cook… For the past two weeks, I am eating only bun… and my onsite coordinator eats me for not delivering the project within the time limit, of course the dreadful IT word: deadline.”

“What happened to you...?”

“What you want me to happen? Well everything except my salary gets doubled or even more than that... See the price it goes up like a rocket but my salary does not even go up like a Diwali rocket.”

“Salary and hike depends on rating right”

“What the hell was that ME, EE, OS…? Rating… Stupid…”

“It has criteria…”

“Hell... I know that stupid criteria... As per the expectation I should deliver the project before the deadline is made is –> ME, deliver the project before the request is
created is –> EE and deliver the project before it could come to client’s brain would be –>OS…”

“Well last time they rated me as EE and it was a great achievement to see that word in my rating…”

“EE, hats off...”

“Hell… It is a good rating but hike. They say you to need to perform more… Fine leave it… I think I should quit...”

“Wait... Why you wanna quit?”

“How I can quit? I can’t because I want to survive in this world… I am going mad…”


“How can I relax? For my relaxation, I used to hear songs and write in my blog, I do romance in my blog for the theme I get… Well that works fine for me to impress but at the end of the day, it is hurting to know that it impressed only few hearts, even I spend my nights just to write for the contest but at the end of the day it bring tears to me as it never wins the contest… It is like my passion becoming a burden to me…”

“Hey stop now...”

“Stop… I don’t have break to stop… break… bus… I did not travel in it for the last two months… How I can see if am staring my monitor all the time… Even in night I dream of C#, login credentials and everything…”

“Cool down…”

“If I need to cool down I need to talk with her… However, I never have time to talk with her… “

“Hey sarav better you take rest… We will talk in the morning…”

“Morning… It is been a long time since I heard this world… It is when the sun rises, bird flies, magi fries, IT guys cries, but I reach my ‘cubicle’ before Mr. Sun comes and start home when he is not there…”

“Sun shines…”

“Hell… It shines but I never saw that… I want to speak with my manager about my leave…”


“Yeah I see my colleagues go on leave for several reasons… But I couldn’t find any as I work to stay as the best in my place...”

“Whenever I say leave, and then come my pm’s motivational speech ‘You will work and you will grow’... means if I won’t work I will shrink? When I need hike, I am a junior still need to grow and when I do mistakes common, man you are a senior you can’t do mistakes… God give me some power to understand the greatness of a super natural person known as Managers in this world...”

“Ok enough now I am disconnecting”

“Wait… I called you to speak… And you are disconnecting... You know that previously I used to talk normal when I was in college…”


“I don’t know what I am talking about but I want to be happy… I heard that 2012 that earth would end but not my cubicle… You know why because it is not the part of our earth…”

“Fine my eyes are very irritating... Let me sleep… Good night…”

Next day I reached office by six…

“Sarav…. Please come here” he pinged…


“I approved your leaves… I think you should go and have some fun, take a break in blogging too and complete your novel…,” he said…

I happily came out, and checked my phone dialed list…

“Oh my God, yesterday I called my PM only… shit”

Well I am taking a break for a week or two in my office also in blogging to fine-tune my novel, “THREE KNOTS”

Stay tuned... I will be back soon to this wonderful space...

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  1. awesome start,
    your title said take a break, I thought you are taking a break.
    keep it up.

  2. Happy vacation. Looking forward to your novel

  3. Hey SiS,
    You need a well deserved break. Happy Holidays!! And see you in the New Year. Will stop by to read your novel too. Followed it in the Z to A Challenge.

  4. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/12/13/the-celebrate-blogger-of-2010-awards-nomination-announcement/

    welcome voting,
    you are nominated, you win one vote,
    if you join us and vote for others, you win another vote, then you win at least a honorable mention award.

    Good Luck!
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. It definitely seems that your novel will rock..
    I am looking forward to it..


  6. Have fun and all the best in getting your novel sorted hope we get to read it too :)


  7. It's the same all over the world right now, isn't it? Too sad. Some have no work and others have too much. Then no matter how well you do, they up the criteria for a salary increase. I do so sympathize. It ends up, I'm happy to be retired now. Never thought I'd say that.

    Anyway SIS, blog on ... Enjoy time off. I'll be back again to explore your novel. Good luck!

    Warmest regards,

  8. @ Morning

    Thanks Ji.. I took a very small break.. Can't stay away from this place......

    Merry Christmas...

    --Someone is Special--

  9. @ Phoenixritu

    Ritu, Glad to know that.. Thank you so much.. Sure will publish at the earliest..

    Merry Christmas...

    --Someone is Special--

  10. @ Nanka

    Glad to know that Nanka.. Thanks for that.........

    Merry Christmas...

    --Someone is Special--

  11. @ Jingle

    Ji, I voted ji....... Thanks for all the hard work.......

    Merry Christmas...

    --Someone is Special--

  12. @ Sumit Sarkar

    Glad to know that.. Thank you so much........

    Merry Christmas...

    --Someone is Special--

  13. @ Bikramjit

    Pleasure is mine.. Sure everyone will ...

    Merry Christmas...

    --Someone is Special--

  14. @ JamieDedes

    Glad to know that Jamie.. Of course it is the same world but some have no work and some have too much of work.. Not at all fair......
    But only way is to enjoy life.. I am doing that..

    I am back from off.. Sure Jamie, glad and happy man you know.....

    Merry Christmas...

    --Someone is Special--


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