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Never ever say that Mom,” I shouted, “This house has become very old son,” Mom said, “Let it be mom even then I won’t accept to demolish this house,” I said, shut the door closed, cried out my tears thinking of the beautiful memories that happened between me and Hassini.

Over the years, even the scar caused by the severe wound may vanish but not the true love and its sweet memories. Though we were parted by fate, yet we cherish those sweet moments that happened in this house.

Very few people are lucky enough to enjoy such moments in their life and they never demise. “Don’t think of that girl. She is no more in your life,” I heard my mom shouting behind the door. I did not care those words, as I know that my love is immortal and our efforts are always there to revive soon.

Earlier we parted just because of my mom but she still waits for me, for my love. How I can deny her? How I can miss an angel? Never ever this will happen, I said to myself to boost my confidence.

Love, the magical word that will unite us and I have that faith in our love. I messaged her as,

I am still there for you
No crabby thoughts can conquer
Our true heavy love

and slept hoping that once again we will spend our wonderful life together in this house.

Six Word Saturday: Life without sweet memories worth zeros

Published as a part of

Acrostics - Prompt 13: NOVEL

Magic Pie - Prompt: 43

Three Word Wednesday - Prompt - demise, effort, revival

Sensational Haiku Wednesday - Prompt 76: Crabby

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  1. Thanks for participating in this month prompt over at Acrostic Only ... a novel has many meanings. Enjoyed the read.

  2. I like that for so many reasons. I find that love is so personal as are the feelings of home. When someone tries to alter another person's feelings for either it is tragic. I think you effectively conquered that subject here. Nice job.

  3. Great example of faith and hope...
    Love, the magical word will definitely win in the end... :)

  4. @ ljm (Amias and Liquidplastic)

    Hi Amias, Couldn't participate for the past two months due to various reasons but this time I will make sure I am giving my best to complete all the prompts.. Thanks for the read and all the smiles..

    -Someone is Special--

  5. @ Kristen Haskell

    Glda you liked it.. Thank you so much for all the love and happy to hear those wonderful words from you..

    -Someone is Special--

  6. @ Sumit Sarkar

    Glad you felt it great Sumit. Thanks for all the smiles..

    -Someone is Special--

  7. @ Tess

    100000 % sure on this..

    --Someone is Special--

  8. this is supercute. the way you blended the feelings made me say Aww, what a supercute novel is this. love, bala

  9. @ bala

    You made me fly bala.. Thanks a billion for that..

    --Someone is Special--

  10. That was a very novel message there.
    Liked the idea of a haiku thru sms!!!
    But what is heavy love????
    To think that a house could or couldn't confine love and he wished to continue living there? He should have stepped out and chased his love, no?
    Overall loved this attempt at an acrostic short story. Ive never written one!!! :(

  11. @ Vibz..

    Glad you liked the idea.. Thank you so much for that.. 'Heavy love' - just my own word structing means infinity love..
    He has to chase but he wants his mom as well as her.. Attempt it soon and enjoy as much as I did :-)

    --Someone is Special--

  12. Loved the Acrostic I just finished mine to day, and your crabby Haiku was beautiful thanks for sharing!

  13. Really impressed how you put various post prompts into a cohesive whole!

  14. @ Amanda Moore

    Glad you loved it Amanda Moore.. Thank you so much for hte sweet words.. Sure will visit yours too..
    Happy to hear about haiku too. Thanks once again..

    --Someone is Special--

  15. @ Ria

    Glad to know that Ria.. Thank you so much.. Do come back soon and enjoy Few Miles..

    --Someone is Special--

  16. I think it's great that you're able to meld our memes together to come up with a multi-functional post. Very nice on all counts!

  17. @ Jenn

    Glad to know that Jenn.. Thanks for the sweet words..

    --Someone is Special--


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