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Wish, the moment I heard this topic the first thought that came to my mind was, "What would be my wish if God grants me one?" or the Famous thriller, "Monkey's Paw - Jacobs", may be "Tiger's Paw"? Come-on Saravana! Think out of the box, this write up should impress many hearts and get me votes. Although a difficult task but let me try my best, with all your wishes I am penning down, "Wish".

This is a usual story about a girl’s wish, which is known to this world unusually.

A journey from her engagement to marriage.

Day 1:

Rachana, a cute mischievous girl dressed up to her best, was eagerly waiting for the moment. Each second passed by increased a butterfly in her stomach as she was eager to talk to Ajeesh, her perfect match. She was thinking about the beauty of arranged marriages - discovering each other’s turn-on(s) in short span of time and trying to fit in the available space. The moment her name was whispered – she wished to figure out Ajeesh in the allotted space.

Ajeesh: Hi.. Rachana... You have got a very Sweet name, I think it means, “Creation”. Hmmm, can I ask you a question?(grinning)

She was mesmerized by the way he made her comfortable, she said, “Yes”.

Ajeesh took a deep breath and questioned, “Whom you think is a selfless creature in the world?”

Rachana: Mother

Ajeesh got the answer which he was looking for and suddenly out of nowhere, he looked directly into her eyes and asked, “Will you be my lovely lawfully wedded wife?” and she blushed like she had never blushed before which meant the most beautiful words “Yes sweet heart”. Her wish was granted as she figured out Ajeesh and his sweet character.

As they both were comfortable with each other, the engagement began with a happy note, went on with no luxurious deal but with hearts and love all around. The most precious rings were exchanged between them.

* * * * * *

Day 3:

Rachana’s mobile rang few times but she couldn’t pick up the call as she was taking a bath but somewhere in her heart she could sense that it was someone special calling her. She decided not to miss the call anymore so assigned a special ring tone, “Kalaba Kadhala”, her favourite ringtone which she hasn’t assigned to anyone else.

Ajeesh: Hi.. Creator.. Good Morning..

Rachana: Hi.... Good Day, I apologize for not picking your call as I was taking a bath.

Ajeesh: So you do bath, that’s appreciated but I heard you never.

Rachana: Hey.....

They both spoke as hours went unnoticed, neither the stomach ached for food nor the pre-paid connection for account balance, they loved it.

* * * * * *

Day 5:

Rachana took off to office and later went for shopping which will be sponsored by the bridegroom’s family. She always loves to shop but this was a different experience, a big occasion, and moreover she is shopping for a sari which will remain as the best of the collection. She wished that the colour of the sari should be Lavender indigo as she is crazy about it; even her living room bears the same colour. They were browsing different varieties, different colours and at last she came out as the clear winner.

Ajeesh: So even the sari is of your favourite colour. Hmmm

Rachana was puzzled as she never mentioned about these small things to him, and puzzled she asked, “But how you know about it?”

Ajeesh: Simple, when I was eagerly waiting for you, i saw an angel coming out of an indigo shell and you know what, that’s my favourite color too..

The day was like a beautiful leaf to her diary, and she cherished it with Ajeesh.

* * * * * *

Day 10:

Rachana opened her cute eye lids around four in the morning, although it was a Sunday she didn’t sleep, her thoughts were occupied with Ajeesh. After complete four busy business days she couldn’t sleep or rest her mind either, it was because she was suffering from love and she didn’t have time to speak to him which was supposed to be a crucial medicine. She wished to call him once to check whether he is free that day or not, so took her phone searched for the name, “Koibitou” (Sweet Heart - Japanese) and called him. She was supposed to hear the usual ring but she heard, “Kalaba Kadhala” and it continued for 60 seconds.

Ajeesh: Hi.. Good Morning, Heard you favourite song? It is specially assigned for you.

Rachana, speechless don’t how to react, she said, “Morninggggggg! I am surprised, by the way how you know that I love this song”

Ajeesh: Simple, when we were shopping on that day I heard a common ring tone for everyone but when I called you to check where you were; I realized the specialness in it.

Rachana: You touched me Koibitou.

Ajeesh: Hey what does it mean?

Rachana: Find it my genius, “You are a silent show stealer right?”

Ajeesh: Got it, Sweet Heart right? So you have saved my name as Koibitou, I have found another secret of you.

She was totally immersed in love with him.

* * * * * *

Day 11:

As usual she was getting ready to go to home, busy in applying her lip gloss, she missed to hear the beep sound of her phone. She had a great day in office as she received a client appreciation mail and more over from the next day she will be on leave, she reached her home took out her phone and was surprised to see, “11 message received”. She opened, got shocked as all the messages are from, “Koibitou”

1: Hi Creator... Good Morning..
2: Hi still bathing?
3: waiting for a lovely SMS
4: I wish you a lovely day creator
5: Time is two but am not feeling hungry, still waiting
6: Hey Creator...
7: Happy News, “I am madly in love with you”
8: Happy News, “I am getting hike..”
9: :-)
11: Hi Mam, this is a kind request from your sincere lover, as am I suffering from heavy love, I wish to get a SMS every hour from you which will keep me energized and short ‘n’ sweet call every night will add to glitters. ALSO I will be more than happy if I receive a ---- at the EOC (End Of Call). Yours, Koibitou

After reading all those sweet SMS(s), she couldn’t help herself from tears. She was scolding NOKIA for making phones with common message tones. She didn’t had the courage to call Ajeesh, so she threw her phone and slept sobbing. Suddenly her phone started ringing with the tone, “Kalaba Kadhala”; she stood up in astonishment, searched for the phone and answered the call.

Rachana: Sobbing

Ajeesh: Hi.... Is something wrong with you? Hey... what happened dear? Please na, speak something, please.

Rachana: I love to KISS you, “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Ajeesh: That’s very energetic. So what happened?

Rachana: Sorry koibitou, I don’t have a habit of reading messages or replying to them, I had a very good day in office but made your day a bad one, really sorry.

Ajeesh: Hey... you made me discover how much I love you, and happy for getting such an opportunity.

Rachana: Bad Boyy..........

Ajeesh: Hmmmm Thanks for your compliment, three more days Sweety, 72 hours, 4320 minutes.

Rachana: Wait wait, I am doing the same right....

It was a never ending talk as they completely immersed themselves in love and they wished a happy life.

* * * * * *

Past two days was a dream come true for them as they lived virtually in their phones, even a smile was sent as a message, they shared their likes, dislikes, crush and everything.

Day 14:

Just 24 hours left to tie the knot, relatives were busy in performing the rituals and so the bride and bridegroom. If it is a marriage then the important part is friends and they played a major role in setting everything right. Reception happened in a grand way including stage shows and the last night before the first night went like seconds.

Big Day:

Rachana was the happiest girl as everything was set right to tie the knot and the happiest moment which she wished came true as Ajeesh tied the knot. Their wishes were fulfilled and with thousands of people blessing they were declared as Newly Wedded Couples.

What does a girl wish in her married life? Love, care & moreover she should be herself whenever she is with him and Rachana was not an exception in this case. Her wish was granted by God and she was a Happy Girl for rest of her life.

The best wish you can ever make is how you want to live your life and that’s what this WISH too.

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  1. that too is a common wish! i am happy the girl in the story had her wish of happily ever after fulfilled. sometimes i wish i were as easily satisfied.

    reading all of these blogs is so interesting. i'm glad i joined this group!

    peace, love, happiness,

  2. Lovely story for a cute girl and her wishes !!
    All the very best.

  3. Good story...

    All the best for BATOM-12

  4. A really good attempt at telling a common story in an uncommon way. good job! Please pardon me but I would only want to tell you one more thing. Just pay a little more attention to the little grammatical errors here and there...And your stories will shine brighter!! :D
    Ur bloggerdost

  5. hey nice story.. i love happy endings :) all the best!!!

  6. A beautiful love story...I did read with much interest till the end...;-)

    Yes, everyone wishes a happy married life like the wish of Rachana...

    Good look for BATOM!!!

    P.S. Thanks for coming to read me...have a great week ahead!

  7. Nice story. I do wish everyone's love story would be as happy as this.
    All the best for BAT12.
    And thanks for the coming to my blog as well. :)

  8. @ michelle

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your thoughts

    @ Dil Se
    Thanks man

    @ Pramathesh
    Thanks a lot man

    @ Vikram
    Thanks for your wishes :-)

    @ Vibhuti

    Thanks for your wishes and i dint review it atlease once, will surely consider it :-)

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  9. @ Anuradha
    Thanks for your encouraging thoughts.

    @ Amity
    Thanks a lot for your wishes and encoruaging comments. Wish you a very Happy Weekend

    @ D2
    I am happy that you liked story

    @ all
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you all will be regular visitors :-)

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  10. What a lovely love story. Perfect.
    All the best

  11. Saravana, thats a happy romantic tale told sincerely. Well written.

  12. Simple and lovely.
    The best part is that all through,i was apprehensive of a nasty twist at the end-but the sheer optimism uptil the end leaves a warm smile.
    Great writing.

  13. A very simple wish of a human expressed in a fantastic way..very very nice..I liked it a lot.. :)

  14. @ Ritu
    I am happy that you liked the story.. Thanks for your wishes

    @ Vee
    Thanks for your encouraging thoughts

    @ Brijender
    Hmmm i wish that everyone's wish should be satisfied because I know how hard it is when something goes wrong and I am happy that you liked the way it went through

    @ Vamsi
    I am glad that you liked the story. Thanks Vamsi

    @ all
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you all will be regular on my blog.

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  15. nice one....likd it.....wish ya luck fr BAT-12! :)

  16. cute take on the theme!

    best wishes for BAT12

  17. simple n lucid, very much bollywood style, sooraj barjatya would be impressed if he reads u :)
    on a serious note, yes its a good entry but there were certain grammar mistakes, which am sure would go away with time..
    am glad i joined BAT, gotta read so much around myself..
    thanks for visiting my page, best wishes for BAT12..
    winning isn't imp at all, writing with heart is, and that u did wonderfully..

  18. @ vEnKy
    Thanks for visiting the blog

    @ Maverick
    I am glad that you like it. Thanks for your wishes

    @ magiceye
    I am happy to know that you like it. Thanks for your wishes

    @ easyvivek
    Thanks for such encouraging thoughts. I Thanks for your wishes.

    @ vibhuthi & easyvivek
    Thanks for the feedback. I had reviewed the content once and made few changes and I hope that there won't be any gramatical errors.

    @ all
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I like you all to be regular on my blog.

    @ blog-a-ton
    Thanks for the initiative, it helps a big lot.

  19. Saravana,
    I liked the simple narration but was hoping for some twist :) and so was a little disappointed when it was ended "All's well". Its your blog and I has to be your way. Keep writing. Personal blogs are always fun to read and I liked your template..looks fancy

    Good luck on BATOM 12

  20. @ Giridhar
    I am happy to know the secret that you liked it. I usually wish a happy ending instead some nasty twists. Thanks for your comment on my template.

    I hope you will be regular on my blog...

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  21. wow what a perfect story....u kept me glued till end and i absolutely loved it <3
    all the best for BATOM

  22. hey its a good one, In arranged marriage, apart from leaving her home & going to her new home, she has to fall in love with new person, adjustments included. So she will be in lot of tension. This teaches me how to make a girl feel about things she likes & cares about, but i think this was too ideal case scenario. anyway, all is happy ending ! good luck for blog-a-ton !

  23. @ Scribbling Girl
    I am happy that you liked the way it was, thanks for the happy note comment.

    @ astrosunilnomy
    @ Usually I wish to have a happy ending in my stories, and am happy you like it, Btw can you please tell me the meaning of, "astrosunilnomy"? Is it Astro Sunil Nomy?

    @ all
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you all will be regular

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  24. Hey Saravana.. a neat nd simple story narrated really well.. all the best :)

  25. @ Marshall,
    Special thanks for visitng my blog and for your wishes.

    I hope you to be regular on my blog.

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  26. Wow, a very good wish and i can feel the wish.

    All the best for you to win.

    The most catcy thing is your comment footline, simply amazing


  27. @ Saraswathi
    Thanks for your wishes.

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M


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