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October 09, 2014

Konigsee: a must visit place #Germany #TravelStories

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They say, "A Picture is worth a thousand words!" Live in it! Konigsee, a eye-catchy tourism destination in Germany.

The first thing we (Me & my partner in crime, my best friend Siva) did was having our lunch. Guess where? I know you would guess it right!

We're waiting for the bus. No, actually, he is waiting and I'm clicking..

The first thing we did after reaching there... :-P We took a walk (did we?)

The captain of the ship was on time. I wonder how they follow their timelines.

Pam..Pam...It's an ECHO POINT. And it did echo whatever music he created. (oh buddy, I'm sorry, but you need to learn how to play a Trumpet.)

People of all ages looking forward to land at Konigsee, the island of tree fossils.

Ah! The entrance...

Much closer!

More people joining us. It's going to be fun!

That's what we call as picture perfect!

Twins, and you know what, they made the trip lively. We enjoyed clicking them.

Ah! What a priceless reaction. She inspired us to get into the water...

That's me, flaunting my six-pack body! (#TrueStory :-P)

The divine path of nature. (oh yes, I'm speaking about the place :-P)

In life, we always stand at the crossroads. It's just that one decision can take you to the right path. (Too much philosophy, is it?)

My partner in crime, wants to click a photograph, as if he is looking for frames to click :-P

Life has a 'L' board, and that's Love. Make sure you learn properly before you drive in a highway called 'Marriage; (Again too much philosophy here)

One of the tree fossils... I just loved it. If you are a lover of tree fossils (have you visited Brindavan Gardens of Bangalore?) This is five time bigger than that in terms of fossils.

That's the route map (Dear techie's this is not powered by Google)

A much closer look at the park name, will help you walk smiling :)

Ah! That's what we call as a perfect frame!

Family and Friends having fun!

Time to click our face :-P

Yes, that's a classic pic !

A family living on the opposite side of Konigsee.

Guess where we are heading to?

If you guessed it right, yes, we're in Salzburg, Old City!

More pics to come in my next travelogue post. Stay tuned.

Konigsee, be it any seasons, it is a fantastic place to visit. We've been there in winter as well as in summer. It's an treat for the eyes. It's an ideal place for couple who wants to spend quality time for them, for family who wants to dedicate time out of their busy lives, and for wanderers like us!

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Love you ♥

The Scribbler's Orchard: PART 28

Do you want to see your evidence?” Acharya asked and then he ordered his men to bring Shekhar, Tara and Jennifer to the rituals room.

Arjun stood there unmoved waiting for the right time to attack. Shekhar, Tara and Jennifer were brought to the room. On seeing Shekhar, Roohi ran to him and hugged him. Shekhar and Tara lost their nerves, they wanted to hug their sweet child back, but their hands were tied, so they stood helpless and hopeless.

Acharya let out a loud laughter again. “Do you have any other evidence Arjun?” he roared. “Even if you have, I do not mind because with this sacrifice, I will become invincible.”

“You will not be invincible by human sacrifices, Mr PM” Shekhar raised his voice. “You shall never be powerful. You were the Honourable Prime Minister of India before a couple of hours, but no more, Acharya” Shekhar laughed, “Do you think that I handed over the original photographs to you? Am I that dumb? Is that the only evidence we had? Do you think so? If yes is your answer then you failed miserably.”

“The photographs revealing the true face behind Kochi’s Political Leader murder, the video showcasing Ahuja and your conversation revealing the plan of sacrificing Ismail Abdullah in his place, the audio recording of your plan to bomb during the Ganesh Chaturthi festivals, the photographs of Cyrus and Roohi’s abduction in a van owned by a private sector that is registered to your real name, and finally, the video recording of our conversation couple of hours ago that went live on Tara’s channel.”

Acharya stood his ground. Shekhar continued, “We live in a Nation where media can go anywhere. You forgot that. Check the news channels Acharya. Your fake face is unmasked an hour ago!”

Acharya smiled at Shekhar, “That’s impressive, but not enough to defeat the invincible.” He ordered his men to set the Tomb on fire, so that nobody escapes from here.

Arjun was quick enough to order his team to break into the Tomb. Arjun’s Team was well equipped, though they suffered minor injuries, still in less than two minutes, they managed to shoot down all the goons. In the meantime Arjun set Shekhar, Tara and Jennifer free.

Arjun took his revolver out and said, “Be a good man. Your cooperation is the ticket for the rest of your life.”

Acharya appeared unruffled. “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. There is only one God out of which all life is born, and that is the Fire,” he raised his arms upwards closing his eyes. “Let the Glory be to the true God!”

He looked at them furiously. “It’s not easy to defeat the mighty Acharya you little prick.” He let out a loud laughter again and then he jumped into the fire sacrificing himself to the God.” Roohi without her knowledge shouted, “Nana-ji.”


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October 05, 2014

down memory lane #truestory

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“She should be back in an hour. These days she almost lives in the Church.” He muttered adjusting his thick-rimmed spectacles that was gifted by his wife Isha thirty-years ago.

The sun had gone down, the birds flew to their nest, the ants marched to their hole, the two-legged so-called human being jogged to their homes, and the wonderful four-legged pets followed. He too sat on the wooden chair placed in the garden in front of his house with a photo book in his hand. As usual, he wore a round neck t-shirt, the favourite blue jeans, a scarf wrapped twice around his neck and tucked into a thick sweater knitted by his wife thirty years ago. He did not look as old as his age. In fact, he looked very young. He did not feel cold. Perhaps, Brussels was not as cold as it used to be.

He lighted his short-lived sixth-finger after three unsuccessful attempts. He inhaled its smoke, and after a minute or so, he let the smoke out through his nose, much like a train spewing out smoke through the chimney. A loud horn disturbed his thoughts. He saw the truck that passed by his home. He abused the truck driver for spoiling the peaceful evening while completing his nineteenth cigarette of the day.

Waving a bye to the kids passed by the garden on skating shoes, he opened the photo book for one more time to travel deep down memory lane. He developed this habit in his late twenties. On seeing the first photograph, his face curved first, then his eyes shone, and finally the happiness inside him lit his whole face.

It was the same photograph, which she gave him in their second meet, when he asked if he could have her photograph to show it to his Mom. She was just nineteen at that time. She looked beautiful in blue short and pink t-shirt that hung her curves perfectly. Her face complimented her perfect body and the smile she carried on her face is a medicine for all the traumas he had in his life. He kissed the photograph whispering, “Oh My Lady Love, I love you...” He could still recall the colors despite looking at the black and white photograph.

It took two licks on his wrinkled finger to move to next page. His face lit up again on his recent achievement, he looked around to check if someone acknowledged it. Nobody did, except a dog that barked on seeing his face. He laughed and then looked into the photo book again.

The golden sun went down, the beach was roaring loudly, and the place looked calm, when she went down on one knees to propose her love to him. Usually, it happens the other way, but his charm always made it possible.

“She looks cute when she blushes,” he blushed looking at the photograph, and then he took his handkerchief out, pressed on his lips, kept it back in his pocket. He heard an old-woman voice from behind. Lifting his head he checked if Isha was coming...No, it was somebody else living in his neighbourhood. He shook his head before turning to next page.

“Ah...Hmmm,” he placed the right hand on his mouth. It was the picture of their first kiss on a not-so-hot Sunday, which turned out to be the day they lost their virginity. He recalled their conversations.


“Do you love me?” She asked biting her nails in tension.
“Of course, I have no doubts in that!” He said kissing her lips.
“Wait...I’ve questions to ask.” She said pushing him away.
“Do you want me to answer now?” He said almost brushing her lips.
“Not exactly, but I want to know if this is love or just lust.” She said before they become one. When they were done, he said, “I am and I will always love in a way that nobody has ever done in the past and neither be read in books nor be seen in movie in future.”


He smiled shaking his head and flipped to next page. It was a very special photograph. It was clicked during his wedding ceremony when he swore an oath that made their life one.

“Our wedding photograph...the moment that means a lot to us.” He said lifting his head. A pedestrian passed by smiled at him, and he smiled in return.

He knew the next photograph is going to be special, so he lighted the twentieth cigarette of the day, and flipped to next page. Isha was nine months pregnant when he clicked this photograph. He remembered how he teased his lovable wife complaining her growing tummy.


“It is 36 inches now. I’m sure you can never be a size-zero figure again.” He winked immediately.
“Sid...I’m not going to kiss you again.” She said kissing his palm.


He kissed the photograph again and turned over to next page. It was blank, but he knew the reason behind the blank page, so he ignored it, and flipped to next page. His eyes gleam in happiness and he slipped into a beautiful world that he could only see. It was the first photograph captured after their cutie set her foot on this earth. The next was clicked when she was three, and the ones that followed pictured the most beautiful days of the life!


“Uncle, it is getting colder. Can you go inside your home?” A voice says behind him, “as usual, you are disturbing me Sarav.” Sid says.
“Isha aunty is back home uncle. She is looking for you.” Sarav says in his maximum voice.

His face shines in happiness. He gets up much like a young boy and walks toward his home. “Thank you Sarav. That’s so sweet of you.”

“You are welcome uncle. Aunty is tired so she asked you to cook today as well.” Sarav says with a smile on his face.
“That’s okay. I can cook for my sweetheart.” He walks into his home waving a bye to Sarav and Vidhya.
“Isha aunty...but you never introduced her to me.” Vidhya pauses for a minute, “but I never saw an old woman inside.” She questions with puzzling eyes.

Sarav signals her to come inside, after which he narrates all he heard from Sid's friend Richard uncle. “Isha aunty died in a truck accident when she was nine months pregnant while returning from Church. On hearing this from his friend Richard, Sid uncle had heart attack and was admitted in hospital. He did not attend her funeral too. Though his friend informed all that happened to Sid, still he was not ready to accept it, and when he accepted it, he was unable to handle to life’s misery on him. So, he drank thirty beers and smoked fifty cigarettes that night, after which he became lifeless. He was hospitalized for a week. When he came back to home, he started acting weird. Initially, his friend thought he was teasing them, but later he realized that Sid started to live with his imaginary wife Isha, and they were blessed with a baby named cutie; the worst kind of hallucination. After the second heart attack, Sid stopped working, and it seems that in this period, he developed the habit of travelling down memory lane by viewing the photo book daily. Initially he cried after seeing a blank page, he even filed a complaint that his first family photograph is stolen, but after that incident Richard uncle made sure he diverts him from viewing the photo book after the wedding photograph. It works out well for him.”

“This is the height of madness.” Vidhya says in disbelief.
But love itself madness!” Sarav says, and then he continues, “Sid loves to cook for his wife, so the best lie is what I said minutes before.”
“Is he cooking daily?” She again asks in disbelief.
“Yes, he does. After having dinner with his imaginary wife, he starts drinking. He drinks ten beers and smokes twenty cigarettes a day. And this is sponsored by Richard uncle.”
“But he should be treated.” She insists her words firmly.

“They did all they could do, but nothing helped him other than the photo book and the imaginary Isha and cutie. At a point of time, Richard uncle got irritated when Sid asked to click a photograph of his family, so he tried to convey the truth, which resulted in third heart attack. After that attack, it seems that Richard uncle follows this technique to get the things going.”

She blinks and Sarav continues, “Today, Richard uncle informed me that he will be late so he asked me to divert Sid. I hope I did my best to stop him travel down memory lane.”

It’s a beautiful love story Sarav!” Vidhya says before she closed the pressure cooker.
Yes, it is. Someday, I will pen it down for sure.

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