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March 24, 2015

Brunch to Breakfast

They say, “IT Life Sucks!” True that.

I, being an IT material, have gone through the same. In fact the words, “Brunch” and “Lunner”, are introduced to me only after falling into the crowd – a group of people who lives their life like a saint, and yet smiling, socializing, writing, cooking, cleaning, washing and doing all “-ing works” – that’s exactly like me.

When I almost forgot the words, “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner”, I shifted to a house next to Guptaji’s place, without knowing the speciality of their Nashta – the word I heard rarely in the past five years. Day one was no special. I dumped all my stuffs in a room, took bathe like a crow, dressed up in a formal attire, stepped out of the house, to face the day. An aroma lit up my mood, awakened my hormones, and made me feel hungry. I doubted myself for feeling hungry so early. I ignored the doubt like the bug in my code, and rushed to office.

The day was hectic. As usual. 100 lines of code – compilation completed – 1000 bugs – frustrated – had brunch – fought again with the bugs – 998 fixed – had lunner – rest two ate my head – left for the day when the last bit of light died in darkness. I slept like a dog.

The next day exactly the same replica happened and it continued for two weeks. By that time, I heard a lot of things about Guptaji’s Special Nashta – Cornflake Coconut Ladoos - Ladoo filled with goodness and sweetness, shaped like a lemon and tastes like heaven.

It excited me within, and I wanted to give it a try, but having had no interaction with Guptaji or his family, the possibility of Guptaji inviting me for having breakfast at his place was very less. In fact, I ignored such a thought, pulled my bedsheet up, and slept like a cat. Thanks to Easter Holidays, four day of bug-free and monitor-less life.

The doorbell rang. Once, twice, thrice and finally, continuously. I woke up with a start, dragged myself out of the room, and opened the door, only to be shocked. Wished it was not a dream. Of course, it was not!

“Namaste, I’m Gupta, living next door to yours, working as a LIC agent.” He said with a warm smile.

“Hello Guptaji… I’m Sid, working as an IT Professional.” I said in a sleepy tone.

“Happy Easter!” He said, adjusted his spectacles, and then continued, “Today, our chottu is turning five. We want to make his birthday special, so we have arranged for a simple breakfast at our place. Please join us if you are free.”

“Brunch to Breakfast? Nashta with Guptaji’s family. OMG! My pleasure, Guptaji, having heard a lot about your special breakfast menus, it is surely a blessing for me.” I spoke nonstop.

* * *

"For more Cornflake recipes follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta" He smiled. I smiled. We smiled. Cornflake Coconut Ladoos smiled on my plate.

Intro 1

March 22, 2015

Happiness is

In our life, we tend to cherish simplest things that makes us happy. In fact, in day-to-day’s life, we care only about small and simple things that gives us immense happiness, and shed tears if we miss those things, though he definition of happiness differs for each of us.

For a newborn, mom is happiness.
For a kid, toy is happiness.
For a boy, gaming is happiness.
For a girl, makeup is happiness.
For a man, salary is happiness.
For a woman, independent is happiness.
For a husband, wife is happiness.
For a wife, love is happiness.
For a father, family is happiness.
For a mother, baby is happiness.
For an uncle, future is happiness.
For an aunt, security is happiness.
For a grandpa, grandchildren is happiness.
For a grandma, home is happiness.
Happiness is endless, it goes on.

Happiness is all about simple things that happens in our life. One such simple thing that make me happy is a madness I developed during my teenage period – Writing – happiness that has no bounds. I have so many reasons to write. I have even wrote a poem (Writing is Happiness) listing the reasons to write.

When writing itself is happiness, living a life with the character (Isha) I create in a story is merrier. At times, I get excited and even wonder what I will do if my dream girl walks to me, get down on one knee, and proposes me like I do in my stories. It excites me inside; even makes me blush and go mad.

When readers appreciate such things, it uplifts my confidence because receiving feedback is unlimited happiness to me. Words cannot express the feeling of winning a heart through my words. It makes me fly to Seventh Heaven or Cloud Nine (if they exists) and can change an ordinary day into an extra-ordinary day. Such is the power of a positive feedback!

When all of these are happiness, winning a prize for what I wrote, is an added happiness booster that motivates me to write better and better. It could be a simple badge or a handsome cash prize; it doesn’t matter. It is a recognition for my work and that is what real happiness is to me.

To be a winner one has to be a good writer. To be a good writer one has to be a good reader. To be a good writer one has to be a good judge. To be a good judge one has to know how to write a correct feedback. To write a good feedback one has to be good writer. If you can wear all these hats, then you can be the happiest person alive in this world.

Writing about happiness is real happiness. Writing about “Writing is my happiness” is a gift for a creative heart. To get such chances, I need blessing from God. I am happy to have them. I celebrate my happiness in my own unique way.

If you are happy and want to celebrate the happiness with your family and friends, drink a coke and eat a cake, like I do, because life is all about simple things that makes you happy.

If you feel happy to read this post, then watch Coca-Cola TVC - http://CokeURL.com/96jnc - the inspiration behind expressing my happiness.

March 15, 2015

Together is Better

Home is not a house built with bricks and cement, or a shelter. Home is the place for love, affection, care, and togetherness that gives you the strength and motivation to go out optimistically and perform well. I am happy to have a home to support me endlessly, no matter whatever be the situation, motivate me to perform better, and help me produce better results.

There was a time when every single thing went wrong in both professional and personal life. I was feeling low – probably the worst time in my life so far – wondering what I should do and how to bounce back. Blank space. Empty mind. Hollow Life.

It was the month of Aadi (Tamil Month), when families get together to offer prayer to Goddess Amman, and celebrate Koozhu (fermented ragi porridge) festival. Since our family was large, it used to be fun, the real fun. Right from Thatha (Grandpa) and Patti (Grandma) to Kollu Thatha (Great Grandfather) and Kollu Patti (Great Grandmother), mama (uncle) and mami (aunty) to athai payan (nephew) and mama ponnu (niece), every one used to be present in the festival. The amount of koozhu and karuvadu kolambu (dry fish gravy) made must weigh more than 10 KG and the amount of noise made must be more than the allowed decibel levels. Not just that… we could listen to at least ten love stories, twenty-five quarrels and some wonderful memorable stories of our childhood. It spreads out positive energy amongst us and that was the power of a family festival.

Even in that kind of environment, that year, I sat alone, always looked at the ceiling and wondered if I could get some clue or a way out of the sticky situation and perform better. My great grandpa, noticed me, came to me, and spoke in his usual cheerful way.

“So is the girl still in love with you?” That was how he initiated the conversation.

“What girl ah thatha (Great grandfather)?” I was confused because I was never in love before.

“Okay, then is your company closed?” He shot out the next question.

“No… no, I’m still working in the same company. It is one of the India’s Top Ten Companies.” I said with pride gleaming in my eyes.

“Oh then is the sky coming down or the ceiling?” He looked up and pointed his index finger to show the crack in the ceiling.

I smiled. He smiled. Together we smiled. Then I explained about the project deadline and things I was going through. He listened to it patiently, and then narrated a small story to me. It made me realise the power of family, and so I thanked him. He patted me on my back and said, “You will do better. Stay positive and keep smiling.”

Sooner all our family members joined the conversation and we had a fantastic and memorable time.

After the Aadi Koozhu festival, my life changed dramatically, it gave me the strength and motivation I needed to go on with optimism, perform well in my project and look up in life. “Together… a better place to live life happily”.

Thank you for reading the post. I drawn the inspiration for penning down this post at https://housing.com/. Follow Housing on Twitter or Tweet the link using the hashtag #Together and stay motivated!