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January 24, 2015


IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE gadgets, from my point of view, I am penning down this post. There are so many Big Brands currently available in the market boasting eye-catchy specifications at a price suited only for Big B’s; I do not want to name either of the one.

Be it a Mobile, Tablet or a Desktop, all I need is a brand that listen to the End Users and most importantly available to them at an affordable price without compromising any quality. One such find worthy enough is ASUS Zenfone. I switched from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Zenfone 6 last month, and I must say, it is worth buying! Now the next moto is to buy a Tablet, Desktop or a Laptop worth gifting to my lovely wife on our second anniversary.

ASUS gadgets changes our lifestyle to “Easy Mode”. It can be either simple, versatile, powerful and fully connected “ASUS All-In-One PC ET2040” or sleek, compact, lightweight, powerful and much needed “ASUS EeeBook X205TA”.

What should I gift her? EeeBook or All-In-One PC. I am confused a lot. First thing I did is to crosscheck the Specifications and Features.

Interesting! Both the specs impresses me a lot, good enough to buy both of them. If the specs are too good to ignore, then the only option available is to look at the options that will fulfil my needs.

EeeBook is ultra-thin, weighs less than 1KG, loaded with Windows 8.1, and Office 365 Subscription free for one year, and other wonderful options available whereas All-In-One PC is incredibly fast and responsive, space saving design, innovative gesture control, effortless multitasking, smooth switching between apps, and provides complete connectivity.

I do not need both of them, that’s for sure. What should I buy?

I am a practical man. I relist my needs.
  1. It should be thin, sleek and compact, easy to hold anywhere and anytime. Most importantly, it can be kept inside my wife’s handbag.
  2. Since we travel a lot, we need a good battery backup. Probably for eleven to fourteen hours.
  3. If it comes with Windows 8.1, then it would be an added advantage to us. Because we already use Windows 8.1 and Office Professional Plus. Moreover, Microsoft revealed that users could upgrade to Windows 10 free for one year.
  4. We write a lot especially during our travel.
  5. It should support multitasking otherwise it will not be easy to switch between apps.
And guess what matched my criteria?

It is Sleek on Style and Sleek in Price, On-The-Go Computing, 29.4cm Display with a Narrow Bezel Design, 36% Larger Touchpad, Quad-Core Processor for Smooth Multitasking performance, 500GB ASUS Web Storage free for Two Years, 1TB Microsoft One Drive Space free for One Year, Windows 8.1, One Year Office 365 Subscription Free and just 14,999 INR only – the one and only ASUS EeeBook X205!

I am going to order now!

This post is a part of ASUS Go Sleek campaign organized by IndiBlogger for Bangalore Bloggers in association with ASUS. Buy The Sleek and Powerful ASUS EeeBook X205TA from here or the Ultra-Portable and Perpetually connected ASUS All In One PC ET2040 from here

Images are taken from Flipkart Buy Page and Amazon Buy Page linked above.

The Cupid Proposal

They say, “Love is the magic you see in her eyes when you are next to her.” That I second. I have seen the magic in her eyes many times when I am with her. The Girl of My Dreams. My Angel. My Sweetheart. My Soul mate. Anshita – My Cupid Girl.

Year after year, I delayed the proposal, fearing she might reject me. But not now… definitely not on this Valentine’s Day. I want to make her feel really special. Right from her morning until our evening, I have planned everything for this Valentine’s Day.

Before the sun rises, four of my friends – Adithi, Ashik, Rachana and Rahul – will go to Anshita’s home. Adithi will call Anshita on her mobile phone and ask her to come out of the house. Once Anshita comes out of her house, Adithi will blindfold Anshita and request her to keep calm for at least thirty minutes to enjoy the surprise.

Ashik, the man behind the lens, will record all the sweetest moments of the day right from the moment she steps out of her home. There is a reason behind making this video. Anshita recently posted a status on Facebook, “When my future husband proposes me, I want him to arrange for a photographer, and capture my blushes. I want to frame it for a lifetime.”

Rahul will bring the car that was washed and decorated with roses. Rachana, the guitarist, will join Adithi and Anshita. The three of them will get into the car, and Rahul will drive the car to Elliot's Beach, where I will be waiting. Moreover, they are good friends with Anshita, so the plan will work out surely.

I have booked a mini-motorboat too. It can accommodate six members. Once they arrive at the beach, we will get inside the boat and sail to a distance where only water will be seen. Adithi will un-blindfold her, Rachana will start playing the guitar, and Ashik will record the video. That will the moment of our life… in the middle of the beach, in the boat, dressed up in neat, sharp and suave suit that is smartly tailored and designed especially for me, I will go down on one knee, with a bunch of red roses in my right hand to propose the most Beautiful Blushing Cupid Girl Anshita. I am pretty much sure that she will accept the roses, and after which, I’ll take out the diamond ring, and will slide it on her ring finger, the place it will belong to… forever. Once we are back to the shore, I'll take her to Vinayagar's Temple (her favorite God) near her home and pray there for our happiness.

After that moment, it will be always ♥ WE ♥ And whenever she wishes to relive the moment we can watch the video, or maybe, I will arrange a surprise for her... just for her Happiness!

This is how I want to propose my girl… in fact; this is how she wants to be proposed. The bolder the better! If you like the idea, then you could use it for your proposal. Maybe, you can add your thoughts to it, so that it suits your love.

This post is a part of Cupid Games 2015 campaign organized by IndiBlogger in association with Closeup Cupid Games. For more details follow the link: http://cupidgames.closeup.in/

♥ 500 ♥

500th post. It sounds like a dream, and yes, it is a dream!

The dream of a writer, who dedicates his words to someone special in his life, and lives in those words.

The journey, so far, is a mix of ups and downs, smiles and tears, learnings and mistakes, love and hurt, and what not... still it is a sweet one. Few Miles – the best part of me – may not be the best written blogs on blog-o-sphere, but of this, I’m sure: the words are from my sweet little heart. It must have touched the heart of the readers and made them feel good, and to me, this has always been enough.

Today, I’m happy because of many reasons. In fact, I would like to list them:
  1. My wife is feeling better now. She is back to Germany, and we celebrated our second anniversary, last Sunday.
  2. I’m all yours”, short story co-authored with Simran Kaur of My Friendship, is getting published in the book “A Little Chorus of Love”. This is my 6th book as a contributing author.
  3. Few Miles turned five. My friends and I celebrated it in a special way on my blog.
  4. And this is my special 500th blog post.

When I’m happy, I want everyone to be happy. Are you ready to be happy?

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And to all my dear friends, a very big Thank You for being there always!

It's time to celebrate! Please raise your glasses and enjoy the champagne…

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Excerpt: That was the first time I saw her. And it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. For a moment, everything around me blurred. Time seemed to have come to a standstill. There was no music, just her and the roaring silence. Her beautiful, round face was flushed red with energy. Her pink luscious lips seemed to murmur something. She brought her hands to her ears and touched them. Then she raised her eyebrows, crinkled up her nose and made a little pout with her lips. She was gesturing a sorry. It was the cutest expression that I had ever seen. Something fluttered inside my stomach. She crinkled up her nose a little more. That moment, I wished I could just grab her and kiss her. Instead I just smiled. Satisfied that I had forgiven her, she smiled the prettiest smile in the world and there, at that moment, I realized I had lost my heart.

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